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Sandals Foundation empowers Bluefields Basic School students for World Oceans Day

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3 years old student at Bluefields Basic School, Regina Crooks was elated to share what she had learnt with Sandals South Coast team member, Kimberlee Callam. (Photo: Contributed)

In an effort to bolster students’ appreciation for the biodiversity of the aquatic environment and raise awareness on the protection of the Caribbean’s natural resources, the Sandals Foundation worked with schools throughout the Caribbean to celebrate World Oceans Day.

“Environmental education is a big part of what we do at the Sandals Foundation because informed people can make better decisions,” said Georgia Scarlett, the Sandals Foundation’s Environmental
Projects Coordinator.

“In keeping with this year’s theme for World Oceans Day which speaks to the need for us to conserve our wonderful marine resources for future generation it was important for us to engage children across the region through environmental education sessions. By empowering children to take action for environmental protection, we are creating a strong platform for the sustained protection of our region’s natural resources,” she added.

Diego Salmon from the Whitehouse Marine Sanctuary educates the students on the importance of protecting the oceans. (Photo: Contributed)

World Oceans Day was celebrated on June 8.

Across the islands of The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands, Jamaica, Antigua, Saint Lucia, and Grenada, teams of Sandals Foundation Ambassadors with the use of marine-focused worksheets, story books and other fun learning materials, engaged students on a cross section of topics including plastic pollution, overfishing, marine sanctuary management, as well as biodiversity and coral health and function.

Principal of Bluefields Basic School, Joy Baker was elated to have the Sandals Foundation Ambassadors from Sandals South Coast engage students on the day.

“A million thanks to Sandals Foundation team from Sandals South Coast, the students were truly excited with the activities they engaged in and the lessons taught by the ambassadors. It is important that our students at a tender age; understand how precious natural resources like our oceans are and why they should be protected,” Baker shared.

Sandals Foundation Ambassador, Sani Smith gives Bluefields Basic School student, Rudanyel Wedderburn a high-five for completing one of the day’s activities from the Sandals South Coast team. (Photo: Contributed)

For 4 years old student at Bluefields Basic School, Rudanyel Weddurburn the day’s session was enlightening as the ambassadors engaged her schoolmates in an educational session on the ocean and marine life with an arts and craft activity.

“I had fun learning about the turtles and why we should protect them. I really enjoyed colouring the picture of a turtle with my classmates. I also loved the turtle toy I got as a gift from the Sandals South Coast team,” Wedderburn shared.

The day’s event were deemed a success by the Sandals South Coast team, a passionate Sandals Foundation Ambassador noted that the pupils were very open to the information presented and that they were aware of what pollution is and how it impacts not only Jamaica and the Caribbean but the world at large.

Over the years, the Sandals Foundation has led and supported numerous initiatives geared towards increasing environmental education in schools and communities across the region.


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