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JAM | May 16, 2024

Sashi Live: Five things to know about Keyshia Cole

Vanassa McKenzie

Vanassa McKenzie / Our Today

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American singer, songwriter, and actress Keyshia Cole will be headlining the Sashi Live concert in Plantation Cove, Ocho Rios, St Ann on Saturday, May 25.

Cole is no stranger to the island, having vacationed in Jamaica in Negril, Westmoreland, back in 2021.

She will be joining international talents such as Ne-Yo, Jadakiss, and Busta Rhymes.

Keyshia Cole is known for singing timeless hits such as ‘Love‘, ‘Heaven Sent‘, ‘Trust‘ and ‘I Should Have Cheated‘.

Keyshia the Libra

Keyshia Cole is a Libra. This is the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac. She was born on October 15, 1981, to Francine Lons and American boxing coach Vigil Hunter.

Cole was adopted at age two by Leon and Yvonne Cole, friends of her family, due to her mother’s drug addiction. Her last name was changed from Johnson to that of her adopted parents.

The singer has three siblings: brother Sean Cole and two sisters, Elite Noel and Naffeteria Pugh.

Libras are said to be detail-oriented, harmonious, and balanced people.

The princess of soul and hip-hop

Keyshia Cole has been dubbed the princess of soul and hip-hop, mostly because of her vocal skills, which captured the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

She began her music career in the role of a supporting vocalist for American rapper MC Hammer. Cole rose to fame when she released her debut album, ‘The Way It Is‘, in 2005 after being signed to A&M Records.

The album was a major success, being certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and earning two nominations at the 2006 Soul Train Music Awards. It featured singles such as ‘I Changed My Mind‘, ‘Love‘, and ‘(I Just Want It) To Be Over‘.

Cole is perhaps best known for singing songs about romantic relationships.


During her career, Cole has worked with several singers, such as Kanye West, Alicia Keys, John Legend, and Nelly. She also collaborated with Jamaican singer Sean Paul on the single ‘Give It Up To Me‘, released in 2005.

A mother

The singer is the mother of two boys: Tobias Khale and Daniel Gibson Jr. She welcomed Tobias in 2019 with her ex-boyfriend, Niko Khale. Daniel was born in 2010 from her past marriage with Daniel Gibson.

Cole has indicated her plans to try to have a daughter in the future.

Decorated Grammy nominee

Keyshia Cole has been nominated for four Grammy awards in the categories of Best R&B song, Best Female R&B Vocal Performance and Best Contemporary R&B album.


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