JAM | Dec 4, 2023

Scott-Mottley commends chief justice’s digital transformation thrust

Vanassa McKenzie

Vanassa McKenzie / Our Today

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Senator Donna Scott-Mottley

Opposition spokesperson on justice and information, Senator Donna Scott-Mottley, is welcoming the recent announcement by Chief Justice Bryan Sykes of plans for the digital transformation of the local court system within the next five years.

In a statement on Monday, December 4, Mottley said the move towards electronic filing and online communication is anticipated to bring about unprecedented efficiency and convenience for both citizens and attorneys.

Similarly, Mottley noted that the proposal to establish kiosks staffed by court personnel plays a crucial role in ensuring that all citizens, especially those in rural Jamaica, feel included in accessing the services offered by the courts.

In response to the chief justice’s proposed plans, Scott-Mottley is calling on the Government to allocate the necessary resources to expedite the digital transformation of court services.

Referencing a recent court case in which the ruling was delayed for eight years due to the unavailability of digital audio recording data, the opposition spokesperson said: “Situations like this are a stark reminder of the shortcomings in our current system and highlight the pressing need for court modernisation.”

She further stressed that the implementation of the proposed digital transformation is critical to overcoming cynicism resulting from such failures, likewise helping to regain the public trust and confidence in the justice system.


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