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Shanique Singh empowers youth at ‘Create With Aunty Ama’ summer camp

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At the end of the Honey Bun donut challenge, campers at table 4 pose with their finished donuts with Shanique Singh, Audrey Tulloch Lorne, camp principal and Amashika Lorne, camp director and teacher. (Photo: Contributed)

Amidst the vibrant hues of a Jamaican summer, Miss Jamaica World 2022, Shanique Singh, embarked on a heartfelt journey that went far beyond the glamour of her crown as she spent six weeks with the Create With Aunty Ama summer camp in Kingston. 

Originally tasked with conducting sessions on goal setting and confidence-building, Shanique’s dedication led her to extend her engagement with the camp to be a resident counselor and role model for the students.

Shanique’s summer was a testament to her unwavering dedication to giving back, creating change, and sowing the seeds of inspiration in the hearts of the next generation. Her love for children, her tireless commitment to their growth, and her fervour for education epitomized the essence of being a true Jamaican ambassador. In her own words, “the real beauty lies in empowering others, and I’m honoured to be part of these young minds’ journeys as they reach for the stars.”

Throughout the summer camp, Shanique conducted weekly sessions wherein she not only shared her experiences but also guided campers through various types of goals, vision-boarding, and opening up about overcoming life’s challenges while emphasising the importance of self-compassion.

Shanique Singh, Miss Jamaica World 2022, and Amashika Lorne, Create With Aunty Ama summer camp director and teacher, pose for a photo together after a photography lesson done by Lorne. (Photo: Contributed)

Her personal goals and the stories of her journey served as vivid examples of perseverance and resilience, inspiring the campers to dream big and work tirelessly to achieve their aspirations.

Amashika Lorne, camp director and educator at the ‘Create With Aunty Ama’ summer camp, shared her insights on Shanique’s impact.

“Having our reigning Miss Jamaica World or as one of the campers named her “Aunty Jamaica” onboard was a game-changer. Several parents sent me notes on how all their child wanted to talk about was what is the goal for this week vs the next month and telling their parents what they needed to achieve these goals or the affirmations of the day,” Lorne explained.

“As I watched the campers in her sessions progress from week one to week six, you could see how excited they were to do their introductions and give her the updates on how they plan to work towards their goals. Moreover, I had the privilege of witnessing Shanique’s own development as an mentor to them, it was truly remarkable,” she added.

Some of the core team members for the Create With Aunty Ama Summer Camp (L-R) Shanique Singh, Miss Jamaica World 2022, Amashika Lorne, Camp Director and teacher, Audrey Tulloch Lorne, camp principal and teacher and Kamesha Reynolds, teacher. (Photo: Contributed)

Shanique’s involvement in the camp not only had her leading sessions but provided a space for her to learn with boundless enthusiasm along with the campers. She was taught how to play chess by Rs Malaku Lorne, explored the realms of robotics and coding with Adrian Dunkley from Starapple Analytics, spent time each morning nurturing a love for reading to and with young minds, and showcased her energy during the free play sessions on the lawns for Wheels Days.

Shanique’s culinary passion came to life during the Honey Bun donut decorating challenges. She shared her love for cooking, teaching campers the art of piping, creating intricate designs, and exploring their creativity through food. The campers’ imaginative expressions flourished during these sessions, turning donut decorating into a delightful journey of self-expression.

At the end of the Honey Bun donut challenge, campers at table 4 pose with their finished donuts with Shanique Singh, Audrey Tulloch Lorne, camp principal and Amashika Lorne, camp director and teacher. (Photo: Contributed)

The Create With Aunty Ama summer camp also organized enriching field trips, made possible by sponsor CariMed Limited through their PediaSure brand. Among these, Shanique fondly recalls two favourites. The visit to the Money Museum at the Bank of Jamaica as it engaged children with the history of our local currency and introduced them to the new notes in circulation, raising their financial awareness.

Then secondly, the trip to the Aeronautical School of the West Indies as she met the first female Muslim pilot from Jamaica, Hassanah Al-Saba, as it the opened young minds to the world of aeronautics and unveiled various career opportunities in the field, expanding their horizons.

In the coming months, Shanique will continue to channel her energy, intelligence, and charisma as she gears up for her next adventure. Representing Jamaica at the Miss World pageant in India mid-December of this year, is not just a personal goal for her to do well and bring home the crown; it’s also an opportunity to showcase the rich culture, resilience, and beauty of Jamaica on the international stage.


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