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| Jun 15, 2023

Silly Walks Disco and Irievibrations debut “Ginger Riddim” with first single “Purpose” by rising star Tatik

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Silly Walks Discotheque, renowned for their cutting-edge musical productions, has joined forces with Irievibrations Producer Syrix to create an extraordinary riddim juggling experience, the “Ginger Riddim”.

 Breaking boundaries and fusing genres, this collaboration brings together Trap-style sounds with a Reggae foundation, resulting in a unique and captivating musical journey.

 Known for his Trap Dancehall releases, Tatik showcases his versatility and artistic vision by embracing the opportunity to voice his first Reggae single for Silly Walks. “Purpose” sets the tone for a diverse and captivating musical journey that will captivate audiences worldwide. “Working with Silly Walks was a whole vibe in the studio: we voiced it on the spot,” Tatik said. “The Riddim is not my usual style (it’s more Trap-Reggae) but I love various styles of music and wanted to show my versatility — which I believe I did. Having a Reggae song in my catalogue is important for me and I’m looking forward to performing it on my first European tour this summer.”

The collaboration with Syrix, an esteemed producer hailing from Vienna, Austria, adds an exciting new dimension to Silly Walks Discotheque’s repertoire. Drawing inspiration from Trap elements, Syrix has skillfully crafted a Reggae riddim track that showcases a mid-tempo beat accompanied by a dynamic drum and bass pattern, intertwined with the unmistakable offbeats of Reggae.

This innovative project aims to bridge the divide that has been increasingly separating Reggae and Dancehall in recent years. The artist lineup, predominantly comprised of Dancehall artists, offers a refreshing and harmonious blend of genres, allowing for a seamless fusion of musical styles.

The “Ginger Riddim” is a captivating Trap-Reggae blend, showcasing the incredible versatility of artists. One notable contribution comes from Reggae sensation Yaksta, who adds his talent to the Riddim through his catchy track “Jet Black”. This song tells a charming boy-meets-girl story infused with humorous rhymes and a powerful punch line. Fans can anticipate the release of this track on June 23, and in the following month, versions from Konshens and Eesah will also be unveiled, further enriching the Riddim experience.


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