JAM | May 24, 2023

Simone Pearson replaces Gene Douglas at Pan Jamaica Group

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Jamaica Producers EGM Panel (L to R): Jeffrey Hall – CEO, Charles Johnston – Chairman, Simone Pearson – General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, and Alan Buckland – Chief Finance Officer

The newly formed Pan Jamaica Group (PJAM) has seen its first Company Secretary change.

The company has announced that Gene M. Douglas has retired as Company Secretary with effect from May 12, 2023. She has been replaced by Simone Pearson, General Counsel at PJAM, who has been appointed to the office of Company Secretary.

The appointment took effect on May 13, 2023. Ms Pearson joined PJAM on April 1, 2023, upon the amalgamation of the businesses of Jamaica Producers Group and PanJam Investment to form Pan Jamaica Group. Prior to joining PJAM, Pearson held the role of General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of PanJam Investment. 

She is a former Divisional Director of the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Division and the Commercial Affairs Division of the Attorney General’s Chambers and started her career specializing in Intellectual Property Law at Livingston, Alexander & Levy. 

 Pearson was admitted to practise law in 2001 and holds a Master of Laws from University College London, a Bachelor of Laws from the University of the West Indies and a Certificate of Legal Education from Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica.


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