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Small Business Bites | Chemqualco

Shemar-Leslie Louisy

Shemar-Leslie Louisy / Our Today


Every great store deserves great exposure. Here, at Our Today, we highlight Jamaican entrepreneurs making a positive mark in the small business space. We believe every good business – particularly local stores with excellent customer service, trendy products and a strong social media presence – deserves to be recognised for its quality service.

Chemqualco is a ‘ cosmetic chemist’ manufacturing company that specialises in research and development that helps people manifest and package their chemical ideas.

Create your own skin and hair care formula with ChemqualCo (Photo: Instagram @ChemqualCo)

They will take your homemade recipe and make it into a product for you. A dream come true for every future entrepreneur looking to start their own cosmetic product line. Developing products is a process, and this company is here to help you with it.

Chief Chemist and lead formulator Kimone Knight.

Kimone Knight, chief chemist and lead formulator, has years of experience as a chemist in the household and personal care industry formulating for some of Jamaica’s biggest manufacturing companies. Through her years of service, she developed a special passion for assisting individuals, micro and small businesses and has made it a mission to aid in the development of these individuals.

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Whatsapp: 876-570-2052


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