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Small Business Bites | Graciously Grazing

Tatyana Bromfield

Tatyana Bromfield / Our Today


Every great store deserves great exposure. Here, at Our Today, we highlight Jamaican entrepreneurs making a positive mark in the small business space. We believe every good business – particularly local stores with excellent customer service, trendy products and a strong social media presence – deserves to be recognised for its quality service.

Graciously Grazing Logo

For elegantly styled graze boxes and boards, check out Graciously Grazing!

These beautifully assorted boxes are perfect for romantic dinners, picnics, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries… you name it!

With several board and box assortments to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect one for you!

Graze Board

Interested in being ‘boujie’ on a budget?

For just $4,000 you can get a small box with two cured meats, one cheese, crackers, fruits and delectables.

Boujee Box

Catering to a group of 5-6 people?

With the large graze board you can get four cured meats, three types of cheese, crackers, fruits and assorted delectables for only $15,000.

Graze Platter

These are only a few of their many options!

And if you thought it couldn’t get any better…

They deliver!

Check them out today!

Instagram: graciously.grazing


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