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Small Business Bites | Shawn Ashman Art

Tatyana Bromfield

Tatyana Bromfield / Our Today

Shawn Ashman

Every great store deserves great exposure. Here, at Our Today, we highlight Jamaican entrepreneurs making a positive mark in the small business space. We believe every good business – particularly local stores with excellent customer service, trendy products and a strong social media presence – deserves to be recognised for its quality service.

A painting entitled ‘Releasing Love’.

In our little island known for it’s creativity, Shawn Ashman represents well with paintings that really capture the Jamaican culture.

Known for her mixed media artworks, art prints and decorative bottles, Ashman is an artistic beacon in the central Kingston area.

Not only is she a fine artist who uses acrylics on canvas, she’s also an up cycle artist!

You’ll be sure to see several of her art made from recyclables.

Altered bottles

Each and every art piece of hers is meant to inspire, motivate and transform people.

Her art not only captures everyday occurrences, but also beautifully encapsulates the heart of the community.

Shawn Ashman really is an inspiration to all!

Help her get her art out into the world today!


Instagram: shawnashmanart

Gallery: 42 Old Hope Road, Shop 10


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