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Social media tempers rage over ‘racist rant’ by Jamaican bed & breakfast owner

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Tourists pictured in front of cabins operated by Rustic Mountain Living in Green Island, Hanover, Jamaica. Photo taken May 15, 2022. (Photo: Instagram @thebarefootislandlady)

Durrant Pate/Contributor

A fire storm continues to brew on social media over a ‘racist rant’ by the reported owner of Rustic Mountain Living in Green Island, Hanover, claiming she will not be allowing any more short-term stays to Black Americans.

The woman’s rant has ignited Twitter and other social media platforms with most people “giving it” to the female owner, who called black Americans, “disrespectful, entitled and unappreciative.”

Rustic Mountain Living is a Jamaican bed and breakfast cottage rental business.

The Internet was left dumbstruck by the statements made by the woman, who on May 21, took to Instagram and shared how she is not going to allow any more short-term stays due to the alleged misbehavior of Black American guests.

The original Instagram video by @thebarefootislandlady received over 31k views, while a repost on Twitter by @NikkiThaGodB1 on May 22 amassed over 8.3 million views.

Several other Twitter users also reposted this video, which gained massive traction online.

Disbanded short-term stays

The Jamaican woman declared that she will no longer be offering short-term stays at her business because Black Americans give her too many problems, arguing that Black Americans are ‘entitled’ and go to Jamaica “expecting to get things for free”. Her Instagram video, posted last Sunday, detailed why she stopped allowing short-term stays.

The reason she gave was that the Black Americans who came for the stays, barring two exceptions, were all “nothing but problem.” The Rustic Mountain Living owner went on to say that while not every Black American is a bad person, the majority of those who stayed at her facilities were disrespectful.

She stated that America has ‘made them that way’ and that she isn’t risking her happiness and health for people. Lastly, the owner of Rustic Mountain Living added that she wants to keep her business drama-free.

However, as it happens, she is facing massive hate online with some people even calling her a racist. While she received support from a few people, who understood and levelled with her statements, some others made mocking remarks and called her “a white supremacist!!!” despite being black herself.


Public backlash

The woman’s announcement sparked a firestorm of criticism. People accused her of perpetuating dangerous, offensive stereotypes about Black Americans.

Others questioned the wisdom of making such a declaration on a public platform seemingly without a second thought. They also wondered how she can work in the hospitality industry and ‘be so inhospitable’.

The owner is completely unfazed and won’t back down from her comment and laughed at the blowback in yet another video. “I’m not sorry,” she said adding, “you want to unfollow me? Block me? I don’t care.”


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