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SOS launches ‘Evolve’ office furniture line

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Evolve considered among the best on the market

Durrant Pate/Contributor

Jamaican office furniture supplier, Stationery and Office Supplies (SOS) has launched its newest office furniture line, Evolve, as it seeks to revolutionise office spaces in the island.

It is estimated that the new line will save customers significantly due to its affordability.

The Evolve line was officially introduced to the public in early August 2022.

It has a very sleek look and feel. It is full of texture and beautifully designed. From the line, SOS has in stock free-standing desks, cupboards, chairs, and tables.

Kelli Muschett, SOS’ deputy managing director and director of purchasing and administration, showcases the features that make the Evolve line unique with the help of an employee.

Plans to make Evolve a reality were in the works since late 2021 with a factory in China. SOS is confident that, despite the pandemic’s impact on shipment and distribution worldwide, it will be able to keep up with the expected market demand for Evolve.

The introduction of Evolve is expected to contribute to the expansion of SOS’ customer base, increase customer satisfaction and increase the company’s bottom line through additional sales revenue and higher profit margins.

Evolve future of durable and high-quality office furniture

Kelli Muschett, SOS’ deputy managing director and director of purchasing and administration, said Evolve is considered among the best on the market and represents the future of durable and high-quality furniture that modern businesses are looking for.

Kelli Muschett, SOS’ deputy managing director and director of purchasing and administration.

“Based on our research from the executive to the office clerk – everyone loves the look and feel of these units,” she explained.

With the new Evolve line to add to SOS’ upward trajectory, Muschett emphasised that the company remains very optimistic about the future. SOS plans to continue to release new furniture lines that will improve on the previous thereby ensuring that it daily achieves its mission to help businesses realise their full potential. 

Said Muschett: “At SOS, we’re always looking for new opportunities to increase our line of products and offer customers the most modern and reliable furniture in the business. Our new Evolve line is one such venture. It provides our customers with a completely new look and feel for their offices at incredible prices.”

Continuing, she stated: “Thanks to our ample storage facilities, new partnerships and strategic planning efforts, SOS has the capacity to supply the market demand for the Evolve line even as it grows. We plan to keep our inventory well-stocked as we pay close attention to the fluctuations in shipping timelines.”

Profitability trajectory

SOS has been leading a profitable trajectory with a recorded J$173.6 million in net profit for the six-month period of the 2022 financial year and a 76 per cent increase in revenues at J$420 million for the second quarter. SOS Managing Director Allan McDaniel is keen to point out that earnings per share at the end of the second quarter of 2022 was J$.70, an increase of J$0.47 compared to J$0.23 at the end of the second quarter of 2021.

He said SOS remains optimistic that it can continue its upward trend as global recovery from COVID-19 continues. 


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