JAM | Mar 17, 2023

Spice blasted on social media for pregnancy ‘PR stunt’

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Dancehall artiste Spice. (Photo: Instagram @spice)

Some social media users are seemingly up in arms over what they consider Spice’s latest ‘stunt’, which led many to believe the artiste was pregnant, labelling her actions as “pathetic” and “attention seeking”.

On Tuesday (March 14), the dancehall artiste uploaded a photo on Instagram of herself with what appeared to be a baby bump, along with the caption “God has been good to me”.

The news of her ‘pregnancy’ was shared by several media outlets, fans and fellow entertainers who showered the artiste with congratulatory messages.

However, she announced during her Instagram live earlier today (March 17) that she is not pregnant, a day after resharing several media posts about her ‘pregnancy’ on her Instagram account.

Spice said her post was not meant to be a publicity stunt promoting music, nor confirmation of a pregnancy, but a symbol of her “rebirth” coming out of her health situation over the past six months.

However, the delayed clarification was not well received by many of the artiste’s followers.

While some called her out for being “a liar”, others found her actions to be insensitive especially towards women who cannot bear children or struggle to become pregnant.

One social media user who shared those sentiments wrote: “The way you went about it was completely wrong and insensitive! Because there’s a lot of people who wish they could or like myself and other PCOS women it’s hard for us to conceive so Gracey you know better do better!”

“I am sorry but the ‘joke’ or ‘new life’ is getting out of hand. This is not even a little white lie. Why have us (well not me) celebrate a new life when there are females that can’t even give birth to a new life… it’s time to drop the act and cut the lies smh,” another user wrote.

Meanwhile others shared that the artiste did not have to go to the lengths of faking a pregnancy to represent her ‘rebirth’. Many believed that the artiste could have been a bit more creative in bringing the message across.

Here are some of the comments on the incident:

“This woman always foes sumbish for attention …like I get the rebirth ish but why use a pregnancy photo. That’s clownish! You could have used water or pond or something.”

“Aint that much attention in the world to use a fake pregnancy to tell a story of rebirth. Just tell your damn story.”

“She should have said this is a rebirth of her life without faking a pregnancy and getting all these well wishes from folks, attention is clearly an addictive drug smh.”

As emotions erupted on social media some individuals didn’t hold back and shared how annoyed and upset they were about the situation.

 “So, you basically lie to stay your old ass relevant,” a user wrote.

Several of the entertainer’s fans also blasted the Romping Shop artiste for toying with their emotions while demanding that she quit “these outrageous stunts” as one day she’ll become the “girl who cried wolf”.

In 2018, Spice made both local and international headlines for ‘bleaching’ her skin when she uploaded a shocking Instagram photo of herself completely ‘white’ in colour with the caption, “nothing wrong with a fresh start”.

However, it turned out to be one of the artiste’s stunts to promote her new single, Black Hypocrisy, in an effort to tackle colourism within black communities.


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