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Spice not pregnant; Artiste shares testimony of her ‘rebirth’

Mikala Johnson

Mikala Johnson / Our Today

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Dancehall artiste Spice.

Thousands of fans joined dancehall artiste Spice on her Instagram live earlier today (March17) for a much-anticipated Q&A session, her first in more than six months.

The artiste, who was believed to be pregnant after posting a photo earlier this week of herself with what appeared to be a baby bump, announced during the live that she is not expecting.

Spice said her post was not a publicity stunt promoting music, nor confirmation of a pregnancy, but a symbol of the “rebirth” she experienced coming out of her health situation over the past six months.

“No, I am not pregnant. It’s a celebration of my life, my rebirth. God gave me a second chance and I am celebrating that,” the entertainer said.

Throughout the live, Spice described her health condition in depth while noting that she has lost a lot of weight but is 100 per cent better.

She also thanked her family and friends who were by her side while in hospital in the Dominican Republic where she had to do emergency surgery for a hernia repair and sepsis.

The entertainer, who became emotional at times, said she came close to death’s door and was grateful that God answered her prayers and gave her a second chance.

“This is my ‘second life’ as of today. It’s a new me. So, tell yuh mother, auntie, uncle, the queen is back, and her new journey starts today!”

The artiste also announced that she released a new single, God Bless Me, which forms part of her testimony.

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