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Bolt delivers cryptic message as SSL’s former CEOS bring new twists to fraud scandal

Tamoy Ashman

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Former Chief Executive Officer of Stocks and Securities Limited Zachary Harding.

Amid the latest twists in the multi-billion-dollar fraud scandal rocking investment outfit Stocks and Securities Ltd (SSL), sprint legend Usain Bolt appears to be responding with a new cryptic message posted to social media.

Over the weekend, Zachary Harding, a former chief executive officer (CEO) at SSL, sought to distance himself from the massive fraud, declaring in interviews across various media platforms that he had no idea Bolt was a client throughout his time leading the company from September 2019 to June 2022.

“I only learnt of Bolt being a client of SSL when the news broke in the media. At no point at all did his or any company he may have been affiliated with ever come up as being a client of SSL while I was there,” stated Harding in a release yesterday (January 22).

He added that “another previous employee who worked at SSL in different capacities for several years, eventually also holding the position of CEO prior to my tenure, was also not aware of [Bolt] nor any company associated with him having an account there”.

Lamar Harris

That individual is Lamar Harris, who served as CEO from March 2018 to February 2019, having joined SSL as vice president of client services in 2014. Eight months later she began a three-year run as as general manager of SSL Group and company secretary.

Harris is currently a senior vice president at NCB Capital Markets.

Usain Bolt posted this image to his Instagram account today (January 23). (Photo: Instagram @Usain Bolt)

Harding’s comments have led to speculation on social media that a narrative is being developed questioning whether the US$12.7 million that Bolt’s team claim he was defrauded of was ever at the investment firm.

In a post to Instagram today (January 23), Bolt however appeared to suggest the latest revelations were “pr distractions” from the issue at hand.

“The real ones see through all the PR distractions,” he captioned a photo of himself staring at a track, adding #focus.

Since news broke of the alleged fraud, it has become a topic of conversation in both local and international spaces. But Bolt has not officially commented on the issue. Instead, he has been using his social media accounts to post cryptic messages.

The athlete even posted seemingly applicable lyrics to the song Cryptic World, on his Twitter account through the caption: “In a World of Lies….Where is the Truth? The History Evil….What is the Root?…MONEY.”

Cryptic World is a recent single from the group Country Yutes, comprising Bolt and his best friend and manager, Nugent Walker.

Last week Bolt’s legal team gave SSL 10 days to return the sum of US$12.7 million which they said was in his SSL account up to October last year. If the funds are not returned by then, the sprint icon’s attorneys have threatened to sue the investment firm.

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