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St Barts named safest Caribbean country to visit

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Anguilla, The Cayman Islands and Martinique round out top four

Patrons enjoying the intimate ambiance uber-luxurious resort Hotel Manapany offers in St Barts. (Photo: XO Private)

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The Miami Herald has named the tiny French Caribbean island of St Barts as the safest Caribbean country to visit in 2023.

Anguilla was listed at #2, followed by The Cayman Islands at #3 and Martinique at #4.

Recognising that the Caribbean is a popular choice for vacations, the Miami Herald encouraged Americans to consider their safety before planning where they will visit.

“The safety and well-being of you, your family, and your friends should always be at the top of the list when making your travel plans,” the newspaper warned in an article looking at the top four safest Caribbean countries to visit in 2023.

Zero per cent murder rate

According to the article, St Barts is one of the locations in the world with a zero-per cent murder rate, and it also boasts a below-average crime rate. St Barts is considered one of the most beautiful and safest islands in the Caribbean.

St Barts. (Photo:

St Barts is known for its white-sand beaches and designer shops. The capital, Gustavia, encircling a yacht-filled harbour, has high-end restaurants and historical attractions like the Wall House, whose exhibits highlight the island’s Swedish colonial history.

Perched above town is the 17th Century Fort Karl, overlooking the popular Shell Beach. In the article, the newspaper explained that Cayman is considered one of the safest to visit because it has some of the strictest gun laws of any Caribbean territory or nation.

The article stated that this is evident in the low number of licensed gun owners (fewer than 1,000) living in The Cayman Islands. It went on to note that Grand Cayman is the main island, providing luxurious resorts, retail, and entertainment, while Cayman Brac is considered the perfect space for travelers looking to experience adventure and outdoor activities. Little Cayman is a remote wonderland full of empty beaches and endless rainforests.

Anguilla and Martinique

Anguilla, the Miami Herald stated, was named one of the safest islands in the Caribbean by the US Department of State. The island is also considered one of the priciest to visit.

(Photo: Twitter @VisitMartinique)

The island of Martinique, fourth on the list, is said to be tourist friendly and safe for visitors, with petty theft and ATM fraud being the most common crimes.

One of the most popular tourist areas in the Caribbean, Martinique’s flourishing cruise ship business brings tourists mainly from France, Canada, and the US.


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