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GBR | May 8, 2023

St Kitts wants to free itself of British monarchy  

Al Edwards

Al Edwards / Our Today

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Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis Dr Terrance Drew. (Photo: Facebook @drterrancedrew)

With the pomp and circumstance of King Charles III’s coronation now over, St Kitts & Nevis is the latest Caribbean country looking to ditch the monarchy.

Prime Minister Dr Terrance Drew, who assumed leadership after winning last summer’s general election, is reported to have lamented that the twin-island state is “not totally free” while King Charles is its head of state.

St Kitts which lies in the eastern Caribbean is expected to put the issue to a national referendum. Drew is of the view that his country favours being a republic. 

There are a number of Caribbean countries calling for the British monarchy to apologise for slavery but a new poll shows a majority of British people think King Charles should not apologise.

However, 59 per cent of black people who participated in the poll demanded King Charles should apologise for slavery.

Speaking with the BBC, Prime Minister Drew said: “Our Head of State still resides in the monarchy of England. That aspect of it is telling us we are not totally free yet. That consultation with our people will start sometime during my leadership.”

King Charles III and Queen Camilla seen on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla on May 06, 2023 in London, England, Britain. (Photo: Leon Neal/Pool via REUTERS)

He added that his country would be seeking reparations for slavery.

“We are not just speaking about a monetary contribution because we are not acting like victims. It is about real changes even within the systems that are still affecting people of African descent in negative ways,” the prime minister explained.

So should the British monarchy apologise for slavery which took place centuries ago?

Here, Drew said: “I think that acknowledging that…something wrong was done, acknowledging it and apologising for it is a step in the right direction.”


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