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JM | Jan 16, 2022

Stepney Green | The ins-and-outs of marriage

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Has marriage lost its appeal?

That’s what we hear today.

Some say it’s a burden and that remaining with one partner for the rest of your days is a burden and totally unrealistic.

Men say women are a drag, hypergamous by nature and are money-hungry and status-driven.

Women say they want to do their own thing, can earn their own money and that men bring very little to the table.

The Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement is gaining momentum, but the men who follow this flag are labelled “bitter” and unable to handle successful, independent women.

“All the guys saying Kevin Samuels is right and women can’t deal with “high-value men” are just eunuchs with shortcomings. All this stuff about women ‘hitting the wall’ is really a fear about marriage and commitment and men prolonging their adolescence,” says writer Aurelia Manta.

Looking at the celebrity scene you see how marriages are a farce. With all those resources, security, talent, worldliness they never last.

This week you saw Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa’s marriage go up in smoke. Bonet was fine back in the day but now she’s past it, having hit the wall. Momoa is hot with plenty of options. It’s unlikely that he was going to tie himself to a woman going into her 60s and embracing the evening of her years.

You didn’t expect Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to last? Being in the spotlight is antithetical to what a union should be about. In that world there’s always someone new and hotter to get worked up about.

Momoa professed undying love for Lisa Bonet – said he could not live without her and swore fidelity to her and their kids. That didn’t count for or mean anything. They still split.

Guys always leave for a younger model – always. The wall is truly undefeated.

The more you see couples who are overly affectionate, professing undying love and all that baloney, the more phony you know that is and it never lasts. History bares that out.

The truth is married people give up on each other. “Happy wife, happy life” is BS.

Most people fail to grasp the concept that real giving is when we give to our spouses what’s important to them, whether we understand it, agree with it or not.

People love the wonderful parts of their partners but are unwilling to accept their flaws and so pull away. Men and women are rarely guided by their vows.

Marriage? Chris Rock said it best:

“Marriage is so tough; Nelson Mandela got a divorce. He spent 27 years in a South African prison, got beaten and tortured every day, made to do hard labour in 100-degree South African heat and did it with no problem. He got outta jail after 27 years of torture, spent 6 months with the wife, then said, “I can’t take this s… no more!”


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