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Summer school programme now National Summer Academy

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FILE: Ministry of Education and Youth main office.

The Ministry of Education and Youth (MOEY) has revised its national summer school programme to what is now called the National Summer Academy 2023.

As outlined in a bulletin issued by the MOEY, the newly revised summer programme is designed to target grade-five students who attained almost mastery or non-mastery on the 2022 sitting of the Grade Four Numeracy and/or Literacy Test(s); and grade-six students who have been identified as reading below the grade level and have been recommended for educational assessments by their schools/class teacher. 

This is part of the Ministry’s effort to provide extended learning opportunities for students currently in grades five and six who still require additional support to recover from the negative effects of the disruptions in their learning journey caused by the COVID–19 pandemic.

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The Ministry says that the targeted grade-five students will have access to a suite of learning resources (e-resources, printed and electronic learning kits and videos). Additionally, the grade-five students who attained non–mastery on the Grade Four Literacy and/or Numeracy Tests will also have an opportunity to engage Mathematics and Literacy Specialists employed to the Ministry in several pop-up Literacy and Mathematics sessions scheduled to take place across the island between Monday, July 10, and Thursday, July 20.

Parents are being encouraged to register their child for these sessions. Meanwhile, the targeted grade-six students are also scheduled to be assessed by Educational Psychologists engaged by MOEY. 

The Ministry has committed to providing technical support (through Regional Mathematics and Literacy Coordinators) to principals, Student Support Pathway Coaches and teachers of these student-receiving schools, to review the detailed reports generated from their sitting of the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) examinations. 

Support offered through the National Summer Academy is free to parents during the period July 10 to 27. The programme will be delivered by technical officers such as Numeracy and Literacy Coaches/Specialists, among others from the Ministry of Education and Youth.

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