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GBR | Jul 11, 2024

‘Supacell’ creator Rapman already primed for more seasons, awaiting Netflix renewal



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Netflix series ‘Supacell’ poster. (Photo: Facebook @Netflix)

Popular British Netflix superhero series ‘Supacell’ has taken the world by storm, after its release on June 27—as creator Rapman says he already has season two and feature seasons in store.

Though the science fiction series has not yet been cancelled nor renewed, fans and critics agree that the series was an immediate hit, already gaining a 100 per cent critic score on Rotten Tomatoes.

‘Supacell’s’ plot showcases five south Londoners who discover they have powers. As the show progresses, viewers realise that the powers come from one or both of their parents having sickle cell diseasean inherited red blood cell disorder more commonly affecting Black people.

So, ‘supacell’ is a mutation of sickle cell that is awakened after proximity with another activated supercell or having some extreme bouts of anger.

After accidentally going to the future and learning of her death, it comes down to one man (Michael Lasaki) to bring them together to save the woman he loves and stop a secret society of scientists from capturing all affected black people for imprisonment and forced experimentation.

A scene from popular British Netflix superhero series ‘Supacell’. (Photo:

In a recent interview with Radio Times, Rapman announced that he would love for the series to be expounded throughout at least three more seasons. He even detailed his vision for the storyline across the anticipated seasons.

“I told them that I want three seasons. I suppose we have to see how season 1 performs. But I know I’ve very much made clear that I want to do three seasons minimum,” he said in an interview with MovieWeb.

Having a background in music and screenwriting, the 35-year-old already has a few film projects under his belt including ‘Shiro’s Story Part 2‘ (2018) and ‘Blue Story‘ (2019).

After the success of season one, fans are excited to see where Rapman takes ‘Supacell‘ and knowing that he already has it all mapped out adds another layer of excitement— everyone loves a thoughtful story.

Watch the season one trailer below:


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