JAM | May 30, 2023

Supreme Ventures launches ‘Scratch Di Car’ promotion

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Supreme Ventures representatives hand out tokens to enthusiastic passersby during the Supreme Wheels motorcade in Ocho Rios on Saturday. (Photo: Contributed)

Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL) launched the ‘Scratch Di Car’ promotion on the north coast and in Kingston, just days after the resounding success of the Supreme Wheels promotion in partnership with Stewart’s Automotive Group.

Despite the challenging rainy conditions, the public responded with overwhelming enthusiasm, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

The Scratch Di Car promotion offers patrons who purchase a Supreme Scratchaz Supreme Wheels ticket an opportunity to win a brand-new 2024 Haval H6 SUV, and a chance to claim up to $350 million in cash prizes.

For a thousand dollars, each ticket provides customers with an incredible 20 chances to secure the luxurious car or walk away with substantial cash rewards.

Supreme tour bus with Supreme Ventures hostesses showcasing the latest Supreme Wheels scratch-off ticket, rolling through the vibrant streets of Ocho Rios on Saturday. (Photo: Contributed)

Boasting a 2-litre turbocharged engine, a cutting-edge 12.3-inch infotainment touch screen, a 360-degree view camera, hands-free parking, and six airbags for safety, the Haval H6 has captured the attention and admiration of viewers along the coast.

Similar to the response in Kingston, the citizens of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios embraced the promotion, flocking to the SVL team to obtain exclusive souvenirs, including trendy t-shirts and bags. Many also took advantage of the opportunity to purchase tickets, fueling their dreams of owning a Haval H6.

The non-cash prize is a first for Scratchaz customers since the game was introduced to the Jamaican community last year.

Xesus Johnston, SVG’s esteemed Chief Executive Officer, shared that the tickets have a life-changing impact on those who win.

James Wilson, a customer at the Supreme Ventures Flagship store, eagerly scratches off his Supreme Wheels scratch-off ticket during the exhilarating Supreme Wheels motorcade in Kingston on Friday. (Photo: Contributed)

“At Supreme Ventures, we create winners, and we change lives. Scratchaz has been no different,” declared Johnston.

He further emphasised that while helping people achieve their aspirations is significant, Supreme Ventures continues to innovate and deliver thrilling, fresh, and distinctive products to the market.

Duncan Stewart, the General Manager of Stewart’s Motors Limited, expressed his delight in partnering with SVG, highlighting the immense excitement this collaboration brings to the promotion.

He stated, “We firmly believe in forging meaningful partnerships that enrich the lives of customers and contribute to the growth of our economy.”

Supreme Ventures Gaming, Stewart’s Automotive Group, and Scratchaz are collectively committed to providing unparalleled entertainment, life-changing opportunities, and unrivalled experiences to the Jamaican community.


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