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Sygnus team engages children in educational activities on Read Across Jamaica Day

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Members of the Sygnus team marked Read Across Jamaica Day and celebrated Child Month by visiting the John Mills Infant Primary and Junior High School, as well as the Riverton Meadows Early Childhood Centre on Tuesday, (May 9).

The team engaged the children in a day filled with educational and fun-filled activities, leaving a lasting impact on their young minds.

During their visit, the Sygnus team took the time to visit different classrooms and sat with students, reading stories from a diverse collection of books.

Local author Kellie Magnus’ book “Little Lion Goes To School” and young local author Sapphire Cadogan’s “The Magical Fruits” were among the titles shared with the children. The interactive storytelling sessions not only entertained the students but also fostered a love for reading and literature.

The Sygnus team gifts teachers and students at the John Mills Infant Primary and Junior High School. (Photo: Contributed)

In addition to reading sessions, the team also enjoyed leisure time with the children, participating in outdoor playground activities such as ring games.

The atmosphere was filled with joy and laughter as the team bonded with the young learners, creating memorable experiences for all involved.

To support the educational initiatives of the schools, the Sygnus team organized a handover ceremony, presenting the children with an assortment of books and educational games.

The aim was to enrich their reading corners and provide additional resources for their educational development. Furthermore, the John Mills Infant Primary and Junior High School received a new printer for their main office, a valuable addition to their administrative capabilities.


With Teacher’s Day on the horizon, the Sygnus team took the opportunity to honor the hardworking educators at both schools.

They gifted the teachers a celebratory cake and special gifts, expressing their appreciation for the vital role teachers play in shaping the lives of Jamaica’s future generation.

The Riverton Meadows Early Childhood Centre, which is one of four centers run by the St. Patrick’s Foundation, expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Sygnus team for their ongoing support over the past five years. As a token of appreciation, the foundation presented Sygnus with a certificate recognizing their dedication and commitment to the community.

Sygnus’ Stephen Wright (left), Assistant Vice President Private Equity and Mergers Acquisitions and Joanne Black, Executive Assistant to Chief Operating Officer, share a story from Kellie Magnus’ Little Lion Goes To School. (Photo: Contributed)

Renee Rickards, Marketing Manager at Sygnus, shared her enthusiasm about the initiative, stating, “The team is very happy and honored to once again be a part of such a significant national initiative. We respect and applaud the efforts of our teachers who work tirelessly to establish a solid foundation of reading for our children. Here at Sygnus, we believe in the importance of reading and how life-changing that can be. It was really an opportunity for us to take part in ensuring our children, who are the future of our country, are equipped and have access to additional educational resources. So we not only donated books by some great Jamaican authors but educational games as well. We definitely had fun interacting with the children from both John Mills and Riverton. We hope that we were able to inspire the children to find the fun and gains in reading.”

The Sygnus team’s visit to the John Mills Infant Primary and Junior High School and the Riverton Meadows Early Childhood Centre served as a reminder of the positive impact that dedicated individuals and organizations can make in nurturing a love for learning among young children. By fostering a passion for reading, Sygnus aims to empower Jamaican children to unlock their full potential and contribute to the future growth and development of their nation.


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