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Symptai Consulting to host digital transformation-themed symposium

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Marlon Cooper, chief executive officer of cyber & information security firm, Symptai Consulting. (Photo contributed)

Durrant Pate/Contributor

Jamaican cyber and information security firm, Symptai Consulting, will be hosting a virtual symposium next week under the theme ‘The Digital Future is Here’.

This three-day event, from June 1-3, will bring together technology experts, IT executives, business leaders, technology vendors, regulators, technology investors and IT evangelists, who all have a vested stake in the region’s success.

Attendees will have the opportunity to network with local, regional and international experts and peers, source solutions for their organisations, and increase leadership and technology skills, knowledge and capabilities.

The reality is that a vast number of Caribbean entities are not innovating quickly enough and are at risk of being left behind or rendered obsolete in the age of rapid global digital transformation.

Working with regional organisations

Chief executive Marlon Cooper shared that, “Over the last 24 years, Symptai Consulting has worked with over 400 organisations across the region to help resolve technology-related business challenges. The work that we do allows us to get a deep appreciation for the common technology challenges that organisations are facing. The Symptai Symposium has been designed to help organisations across the region think about how the world is changing and more importantly, think about what they need to do today in order to not only survive, but thrive in the new world that is unfolding”.

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The theme ‘The Digital Future is Here’, is driven by the most recent, major global catalyst for the worldwide accelerated shift to digital – the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The COVID-19 pandemic was perhaps the greatest accelerator for digital transformation globally. We got to see how modern technology is playing a pivotal role in ensuring business continuity. From virtual reality simulations to autonomous driving vehicles or something as simple as digital signatures, we are now seeing the manifestation of a lot of things that we once thought of as science fiction,” argued Andre Palmer, director of research & engagement at Symptai Consulting.

Palmer stated further that living in the era of modern technology is presenting a wealth of opportunities for the way organisations deliver value and the way that customers consume services. As such, the conversation needs to shift to how we take advantage of all the available technology.

Stellar speaker line-up being assembled

The Symptai Symposium boasts an impressive roster of speakers and presenters, focusing on a range of topics. The presenters include Peter Sondergaard, former executive vice-president for Research at Gartner and founder and CEO of The Sondergaard Group;  Diane Edwards, president of JAMPRO; Aldwyn Wayne – founder & CEO, WiPay; Andrew Simpson, chief operating officer, Tier1 Financial Solutions (Canada); Helena Nimmo, chief information officer, Endava (UK); Jason Cronk, author and international data privacy expert, as well as Symptai Consulting’s: Rory Ebanks, director of cyber security, Alicia Perez, director of transformation, assurance & compliance, and Alka Jain, director of risk & data management.

Rory Ebanks explains that, “given the over 30 sessions and the number of world-class presenters, attendees will walk away with a greater appreciation of how the technology landscape is changing and all the opportunities this presents. Important themes such as data privacy, cyber security, managing a remote workforce and benefits realisation from digital transformation are just some of the topics that will be explored. All of this knowledge will enable attendees to accelerate technology initiatives in their respective organisations in a cohesive and forward-thinking way.”  

Additional topics and breakout sessions include ‘Leadership in the Digital Age’, ‘The Building Blocks of Digital Transformation’, ‘Big Data Big Opportunities’ and ‘State of Security’.

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The virtual Caribbean tech conference is sponsored by the International Association of Privacy Professionals, Sagicor, Tier1 Financial Solutions and NCB Group. Founded in February 1998, Symptai Consulting is a leading cyber & information security, data privacy & protection, digital transformation and anti-money laundering firm serving the Caribbean first from Kingston, Jamaica.

Symptai Consulting, in its mission statement, said it exists to help companies mature into their strategic vision of themselves.


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