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 ‘Teachers change the world’: ICWI to recognise Jamaican educators

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Pre-pandemic image of a teacher conducting English Language lessons at a school in Jamaica’s capital Kingston.

The Insurance Company of the West Indies (ICWI) is encouraging its customers’ children at the primary, preparatory and high school levels to nominate a teacher who has helped them through the challenges of the coronavirus (COVID-19) so that their teachers can be recognised for their dedication to their students.

This Teacher’s Day, May 4, three Jamaican teachers will each receive a cash award from the ICWI’s ‘Teachers Change the World’ campaign.

After two years of navigating the online environment, ICWI remembers the sacrifices that were made by teachers who had to find new ways of teaching remotely, and in some instances, made trips to students’ homes to drop off learning resources to ensure there was limited learning loss.

Even though students are now back in schools, teachers have an uphill battle; juggling the stresses and anxiety of COVID exposure, to managing the anxiety being felt by so many of their students.

ICWI feels that this year’s Teacher’s Day provides an opportunity to publicly acknowledge teachers who have worked tirelessly without any plans for recognition, but who have dedicated their lives to educating our children out of sheer love and commitment for their students.

Samantha Samuda, ICWI vice-president of marketing and human resources, explains that the Teacher’s Day campaign is just one way that ICWI wants to thank Jamaican teachers for helping children through one of the most difficult times the country has faced to date.

“As a local company, we are big on national development; and as a family company, we are a huge supporter of our nation’s children. Any opportunity to recognise the extraordinary work of Jamaicans who contribute to the development of our children and by extension our country, is welcomed by us. As a parent myself, I have seen first-hand the challenges that our teachers have faced, and the amazing work they have been doing through these difficult times. ICWI wishes to show its appreciation in a meaningful way,” explained Samuda.

Samantha Samuda

The insurance company launched its Teacher’s Day campaign to appreciate the work teachers have been doing in recent times. The children will submit a photo of their nominated teacher along with a 100-word story sharing how their teacher helped them through the pandemic.

In addition to the cash award for the teachers, the students who nominated the top teachers will each receive a book voucher valued at J$20,000.

“The decision to reward the students was a no-brainer for us as we understand that our students are also recovering and this gesture will assist them in their educational pursuits,” shared Samuda.

Nominations close next Sunday, April 24.


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