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Tech Beach Retreat builds boot camps in new Lab

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Kirk-Anthony Hamilton, co-founder of Tech Beach Retreat

Tech Beach Retreat, synonymous with hosting noteworthy influencer events, and attracting global business leaders, has partnered with the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) and DMZ (Toronto) to radically transform the digital landscape of the Caribbean and emerging markets.

Tech Beach and TBR Lab have sought to empower businesses for the post COVID-19 era, and stimulate Jamaica’s economy and other emerging markets, by connecting innovative start-ups with large corporations as an accelerator for them to become drivers of the new digital economy.

“Networking can be tough even in normal times, but today’s remote world adds a whole new set of challenges. As businesses adapt to the new reality of remote work brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, so too will we adapt the social behaviours that enable us to stay in touch and forge new relationships with co-workers, partners, customers, and potential clients,” said Kirk-Anthony Hamilton, co-founder of Tech Beach Retreat.

“Ironically, virtual networking can sometimes foster strong ties even more quickly than face-to-face interactions. The Tech Beach Retreat is a platform designed to attract global investment, innovation, leadership and media to connect with the Caribbean business ecosystem,” Hamilton said.

TBR Lab is an evolution of Tech Beach Retreat that has emerged following its success as an unlikely global convening power and ecosystem builder.

Kirk-Anthony Hamilton (right) with Co-Founder and CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey at Tech Beach in 2017.

Designed to drive the emergence and proliferation of high-growth tech start-ups, as well as enable enterprise organisations and governments to deploy impactful tech-driven solutions, Tech Beach and TBR Lab aim to empower the next generation of technologists and entrepreneurs to catapult their ideas and lead the future.

TBR Lab comprises accelerator programmes for entrepreneurs, corporate innovators and government.

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In addition, it has developed technology bootcamps geared toward equipping people and organisations with the technical skills, relationships and tools they need to accelerate growth in the digital economy.

The programmes grant participants access to a unique and vibrant community of professionals, advisers, partners and technology talent.
The one-week Technology Immersion Experience is designed to grant participants behind the curtain access to some of the best tech companies located in the tech hubs of Silicon Valley, New York or Toronto.

Hamilton gives the opening remarks on Day 1 of Tech Beach Retreat 2017. (Photo: Twitter @Zingr)


Participants will get the opportunity to tour the operations and learn from corporate leadership, gaining a visual understanding of the environment and culture that drives global innovation. At each company, the group will engage in a brief workshop designed to showcase a unique aspect of the
company and a peak into the future of various technologies. The objective here is to gain inspiration and insights into technological advances and discover new trends.

The mission includes five-day programme, full-day activities from Monday to Friday, key meetings to help participants understand key aspects of the operation, exciting site visits and events, social events and networking with other interesting companies in the hub, suggestions on exciting side events, sites or attractions to visit.

“TBR Lab is a natural step for us adding a more continuous framework, leveraging our powerful global network”

Kirk-Anthony Hamilton, co-founder of Tech Beach Retreat

In partnership with Coursea, TBR Lab is also focused on building the workforce of the future to help reshape markets and economies. They are delivering curated workforce training courses in digital skills across four islands – Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and The Bahamas – with 30 participants per cohort.

“TBR Lab is a natural step for us adding a more continuous framework, leveraging our powerful global network,” Hamilton said.

“We have built an active community with Tech Beach Retreat, providing a nexus for the global tech ecosystem to connect the best companies and minds in the world with undiscovered talent and opportunities, for a more inclusive future,” Hamilton said.

Tech Beach Retreat operates in the Caribbean with a primary focus on the largest economies in the region being Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and The Bahamas. In January 2017 the community pulled together a collective of individuals controlling equity exceeding US$100 billion and has generated deals exceeding US$300 million in investment for Jamaica across a number of industries.


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