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JAM | Jun 8, 2023

Teknique sets eyes on international scene with release of ‘Too Good’

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Reggae dancehall artiste Demour Morris popularly known by his moniker, ‘Teknique’. (Photo: Contributed)

Reggae dancehall artiste Demour Morris popularly known by his moniker, ‘Teknique’, is a man on a mission to gain international appeal with the release of his new song Too Good, inspired by dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom.

In March, Teknique released Too Good, a project he did with Starvision Entertainment which was featured on that production label’s Escape riddim.

The artiste shared that the song was inspired by his observation of Jada Kingdom’s well-sculpted physique. The single is to celebrate the women around the world who are naturally curvy and who are into the health and fitness of the body and mind.

“The idea came to me when I heard the beat and was role-playing about when I see Jada Kingdom, how I would approach her, and what I would say to her. So, I started off in the first line saying: “Gyal you bada dan di baddest gyal me say you body too good, Love you betta than the man weh you have mek you say me rude.”

Dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom

Teknique said so far, he is satisfied with the response he has received for the song to date.

“The feedback has been better than expected,” shared Teknique. “I have been getting a lot of attention for the song with Tik Tok, Youtube, and radio people requesting it. But I know that’s only the surface. The song has the potential to break, enter and break more barriers,” he explained.

Since its release, the single has received 85,000 views on YouTube. The song has also started a new challenge on TikTok, with more than a hundred videos of people dancing along to the track.

This is the second song Teknique has done, which has given him some recognition. Last year, he released Coil, which featured international rapper Da Baby, and since then, he has received high levels of promotion. Due to this uptick, the Coil was featured in international media such as World Star Hip Hop and BET. 

The artiste and his team are now discussing what to release as the next follow-up song.


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