JAM | Jan 30, 2023

The dangers of prolonged cellphone use

Vanassa McKenzie

Vanassa McKenzie / Our Today

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Undoubtedly the digital age has restructured the way in which many people conduct businesses, access information, shop and by extension live their lives.

The advent of technological devices such as smartphone, mobile phone and computers have made life much easier for some people, however, it can also have negative impacts.

Spending an extended period of time on smart devices can pose many dangers to its users. According to recent data, the average person spends five hours on their smartphone daily.

Lack of sleep

Studies have revealed that spending too much time on smartphones can have negative impact on sleeping patterns. The blue light that is emitted from cell phones impacts the circadian rhythm in the body.

According to an article published by the Sleep Foundation titled Screen Time and Insomnia: What it means for Teens Smartphones, tablets, computers, television screens, and some e-readers give off short wavelength blue light that is very similar to sunlight. Not only does this light make us more alert, but it also deceives the body into thinking it’s still daytime.

Sleep disorders can have long-term impacts such as depression, increased hypertension, obesity, depression and stroke.


Spending too much time on smart devices may result in individuals developing an addiction. With the many social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, it can be very easy for people to become addicted to their cell phones.


The use of smartphones can also have negative impacts on how people interact with other people around them. With people spending more time on their cell phone, they become dependent on their smartphone as a source of entertainment, while neglecting the world around them.

It can be very easy for people to become withdrawn from the real world, while they are engaging with the virtual world. Therefore, it is important to take breaks in between screen time to engage with others and participate in physical activities.


The advent of technology has resulted in more people spending time on their gadgets which reduces time spent doing physical activities. One of the leading causes of obesity is the lack of exercise.

The average person spends five hours per day on their smartphone, therefore this reduces the time spent at the gym, taking a walk or preparing healthy meals.

It is very essential that individuals limit the amount of time spent on smartphones to prevent obesity which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and other health risks.

Nerve problem

The excessive use of cell phones can have negative impacts on the nervous system and other parts of the body. When individuals spend a prolonged period of time on the cell phone, the blue light emitted from the cell phone creates a strain on the eyes which may lead to headache.

Similarly, the time spent looking down at the screen of gadgets can cause pain in the neck and back. This may further result in poor posture due to the prolonged time spent in the position.


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