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World | Dec 6, 2021

‘The Great Twitter Alliance’ sees black people join forces to ‘wage war’ on rising oxtail prices

Gavin Riley

Gavin Riley / Our Today

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No longer simply bemoaning the ballooning cost of oxtail worldwide, Twitter users are joining forces to bad-mouth the product in hopes the prices fall. 

The Black Twitter alliance as it is being called, in reaction to a Food Insider feature video on December 2, is rivalling the great superhero reunion in the deciding battle of Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame, and we are loving it!

From urinary incontinence to wild acne conditions—the ‘complaints’ against oxtail are as diverse as the aggrieved themselves.

What’s seemingly lost on the campaigners is that like many other goods, the value of oxtail is solely dependent on demand vs supply. 

Essentially, the price of oxtail would depend on more people wanting the beef-derived product using less or none to drive down its cost. 

Food Insider, in its video feature, sought to understand why the predominantly Jamaican delicacy, once considered ‘poor man’s food’, has transitioned to the uber-expensive dish it is now.  

Nearly a decade ago, the cost for a pound of oxtail was around $450 in Jamaica, according to a May 2012 article from the Jamaica Gleaner.

As recently as September 2021, the cost for oxtail in the United States, however, has skyrocketed to an eye-watering US$18.99 per pound, which is easily over $2,800 when converted into the Jamaican dollar.

Price listings of a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of oxtail in wholesale shopping club, PriceSmart, is J$4,179 before tax is applied, Our Today has discovered.

With more and more Caribbean eateries popping up across North America introducing oxtail to a wider market, Twitter users are suggesting that they ‘gatekeep for a good cause’ by trash-talking their favourite meat. 

Here is a collection our best ‘anti-oxtail’ tweets: 

1. Anecdotal, dermatological evidence

(Photo: Twitter @Karnythia)

2. A very disconcerting tail, indeed

(Photo: Twitter @ronkelawal)

3. New World Order agenda? Beware!!

(Photo: Twitter @deadbeat_gf)

4. Widespread genetic anomalies

(Photo: Twitter @minjoonlabs)

5. A PSA for the ‘colonisers’…

(Photo: Twitter @IBJIYONGI)

6. Oxtail, ruining lives since 1989

(Photo: Twitter @Iron_Spike)

7. This lesser known preparation fact…

(Photo: Twitter @julianakilrose)

8. If you or any Europeans have been afflicted by violent vomiting, you may be entitled to compensation. Click here to see how.

(Photo: Twitter @HarmoniaAtLast)

9. *endorsed by Republicans across the USA*

(Photo: Twitter @HeathenQueen76)

10. Not this Jamaican’s cousin’s friend?!? When will it end…?

(Photo: Twitter @98Darius)


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