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The New Mom: How Jamila Pinto is redefining motherhood

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Jamila Pinto with her daughter Oshun. (Photo: Contributed)

The journey of motherhood is undoubtedly an exciting and challenging experience.

Jamila’s has been one of transformation, characterised by purposeful living, self-awareness, and a firm dedication to setting boundaries. As she navigates motherhood, her unwavering commitment to her daughter’s growth and development is challenging traditional notions of what it means to be a mother in the modern world. 

Adjusting to motherhood wasn’t difficult for Jamila. She knew she was ready and would be a good mother to her daughter. However, she struggled with her mental and emotional health.

“I’m still trying to figure this out! I will do self-care for a day, and then for the whole month, I’ll forget what that is. My mental health, oh lord! Therapy has really brought me a far way”.

Jamila has found therapy to be a helpful tool in addressing these challenges but acknowledges that it can be difficult to maintain a routine that prioritises her mental health. Admittedly she mentions that in some cases she simply shuts down but despite setbacks, Jamila remains committed to finding new ways to adapt and prioritise her well-being.

Her ability to maintain a balance between motherhood, her mental health, and her professionall pursuits is an inspiration to many. Jamila’s identity has now shifted to “Mommy Jamila,” and she’s fine with that.

Jamila Pinto during her pregnancy. (Photo: Contributed)

“I now identify as that, the needs of my daughter are met because of the service I give (the type of service we all should be giving each other as humans) which is really taking care of her, having patience, empathy, giving her grace and allowing her independence, which helps to develop her confidence and a strong sense of self”.

Taking care of her daughter’s growth and development has become an essential part of Jamila’s identity and character. Through this role, she has found inspiration to become more resilient and empowered in her individuality.

Jamila has experienced one of the biggest shifts in her career goals, which brought her back to her childhood dream of being a writer. She feels that writing is part of her purpose, and she is excited to pursue it. In addition to her literary aspirations, she also has a Youtube page (@msjamilapinto) where she candidly shares her experiences as a new mother. Having met many moms on social media who have offered advice and shared their stories, Jamila doesn’t feel alone or isolated in her experiences.

“The thing is, as mothers, we sometimes cannot go and come as we feel so it’s pretty convenient to just find that community with the click of a button”.

She credits the sacrifices made by her mother that enabled her to raise her daughter with such freedom as she works from home. Jamila admires her mother’s commitment and strength.

Jamila Pinto with her daughter Oshun. (Photo: Contributed)

“My mother had to really make some difficult decisions while I was growing up which allowed me to live a life without need and want.”

Jamila intends to follow the examples laid by her mom as she teaches her own daughter self-awareness. She also gives her daughter space to do what she wants once it’s safe and only offers her help when she needs it.

“She’s already so independent. When she’s crying or laughing, or hesitant to do something or go to someone, I don’t force or try to coerce her; I just let her be”.

The young mom strongly believes that no matter what you do and say, your children will love you. Her suggestion to other mothers is to prioritise presenting the best version of themselves to their children, trust their instincts, and allow themselves some grace.


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