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The New Mom: How Kandi King is redefining motherhood

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Kandi King and her daughter Korus. (Photo: Contributed)

Kandi King is a steadfast, serial entrepreneur but has morphed into being ‘karing’, ‘konsiderate’ and unwaveringly ‘kommitted’  as a first-time mother.

For Kandi, the transition gave her a new sense of purpose and meaning in life.

“The responsibility of caring for another life has definitely shifted my priorities and even my career goals. Admittedly, without even realising it, I have adjusted my professional aspirations to accommodate the demands of motherhood, opting now for a more flexible work arrangement and making career choices that align better with my current family life,” explained King.

The onset of this new chapter not only led to a shift in her objectives in life but also evoked a transformation in who she is as a person.

“First and foremost, it’s a delicate balancing act but I firmly believe that nurturing my own identity and well-being is crucial to being the best parent I can be”.

As she skillfully balances her roles as a caring mother, devoted partner, and burgeoning entrepreneur, Kandi prioritises the importance of preserving her identity and well-being in every aspect of her life. She believes in making time for her passions and interests is essential to being the best parent she can be, and has adjusted her schedule and explored new opportunities to align with her values and parenting responsibilities.

Kandi King and her daughter Korus. (Photo: Contributed)

Kandi attributes her ability to overcome the challenges of motherhood to the strong support system she has in place. Her partner reggae artiste Jesse Royal, mother and father form part of her extraordinary village that provides essential support for her and her child. 

Kandi is particularly appreciative of her mother, who has consistently inspired and guided her, imparting a profound sense of empathy and nurturing. Her mother’s selflessness and dedication to others have significantly influenced Kandi’s journey as a new mom and she feels incredibly lucky to have her steadfast support.

Kandi’s work ethic has been a constant in her life and she applies the same mindset to her role as a parent. She remains receptive to various styles and techniques in order to find what works best for herself and her daughter. 

“The internet and social media platforms have made information readily available to moms at their fingertips. We can find articles, blogs, and expert advice on various parenting topics. From breastfeeding techniques to sleep training methods, we have been able to access a wealth of information to educate ourselves and make informed decisions about our children”.

She firmly believes that each mother’s journey is different and places great importance on establishing consistent routines for her daughter. These routines have not only helped to provide a sense of stability but have also enabled her to better manage the demands of motherhood thus far.

Like every couple, while the music in the relationship may not come to an abrupt end – the harmonious sound you’ve come to adore as a duet is replaced quickly by that of a trio. Kandi acknowledges that this has been one of the biggest adjustments for her and her partner.

“I would say making time to talk openly and honestly, dividing our parenting responsibilities, and expressing gratitude have been some of the key ways we continue to keep the love alive and healthy”. 

Despite their demanding careers and obligations outside of parenting, Kandi and her partner have found a balance in their relationship by focusing on each other’s strengths while being transparent and understanding about their weaknesses.

Kandi King and her daughter Korus. (Photo: Contributed)

Kandi has determined what matters most to her in both areas of her life and has allocated her time and energy accordingly. Kandi’s modern approach to parenthood reflects how younger moms are re-defining motherhood by prioritising self-care, maintaining a sense of self, welcoming support, and utilising the resources available to them. 

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding balance. Trust yourself, follow your instincts, and be patient with yourself”. 

With resilience, patience, and self-care, moms like Kandi King are setting a new standard for balancing personal fulfillment and success as a parent.


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