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The New Mom: How Shamara Spencer is redefining motherhood

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The modern mom is redefining motherhood, and Shamara’s experience as a new mom is an excellent example of how younger moms are doing things differently. 

Shamara Spencer, a local choreographer, popularly known as “Inspire” reveals that being a new mom has taught her to slow down and prioritise her baby’s safety and health above everything else. She emphasises the importance of creating a happy and safe home environment, as well as appreciating every moment spent with loved ones. Motherhood has taught her the value of taking things slower, accepting unfinished tasks, and re-organising daily schedules.

Having a son has inspired Shamara to pursue all the ambitious goals she’s set out for her career. She is determined and confident in her abilities when it comes to her professional life .

“If I could succeed at bringing a child into this world, I need not fear that I don’t have the ability to do anything my heart desires”.

While Shamara admits that the first month of parenting was extremely rough, she also shares some tips that helped her to adjust. She found that sleep was her best friend and limiting her use of social media or deleting the apps altogether was helpful. She also places great importance on being transparent with her partner and being honest about her struggles.

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Shamara believes that it is important to be intentional about showing her partner that he is appreciated and doing a good job. She notes that it is easy to focus on the things that her partner does wrong, but it is equally important to recognize when great things are happening, no matter how small.

“I take note of little things he likes and make time for them amidst our new  parenting chaos haha.”

It takes a village to raise a child.

Shamara has found support and advice from other moms in her life, including her own mother and older sisters. However, she stresses that it is important to trust her instincts and fact-check advice before following it .

“My mommy is the sweetest grandma ever. My baby literally beams with joy each time he sees her. Grandma VV is TOP TIER. I spent a month after delivery with her before going off into motherhood full force, so the majority of what I know about, bath time, feeding and nutrition for myself as a new mommy, was knowledge I gained from her and my two eldest sisters”. 

As a new mom, Shamara pays more attention to the emotional well-being of her baby, and believes that it is important to pick him up and give him cuddles instead of letting him cry it out. She encourages other moms to be patient with themselves, focus on gratitude, and ignore the noise from those who criticize their parenting skills.

The approach to parenting has evolved during the years. Interestingly, her mother refrained from imposing her beliefs on her. She candidly acknowledged that it had been a while since she had a baby, so for certain inquiries, Shamara  suggests one seeks counsel from younger mothers.

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“Personally, I think New Gen moms pay more attention to the emotional well being of their babies. I have been advised to let my son cry, don’t bother to pick him up all the time. Which I get…. But no, I pick him up and give him cuddles and talk him to sleep. I can teach him independence in some other way that isn’t traumatizing”.

Shamara’s new approach to motherhood allows her to create a happy and safe home environment while still pursuing her dreams and careers. She places importance on her relationship with God as the most important one she could ever have. She encourages new moms to exercise patience and give themselves a bit of grace.

”You are not perfect but you are the most  perfect individual for your child”.

 Mothers should focus on gratitude for the incredible journey themselves and their child have been through, and the exciting experiences yet to come .

“Always remember that you are THAT GIRL, You gave life! You did that! Purrrr”.


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