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Things to gift mom this Mother’s Day

Ategie Edwards

Ategie Edwards / Our Today

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to purchase that special gift, if you haven’t already.

Breakfast in bed, house cleaning and cooking for mom have been done time and time again. Being in the aftermath of the height of a stressful pandemic, coupled with the fact that she has gone to the moon and back for you time and time again, is all the more reason to gift her something physical for 2022.

Not sure what to get? Have no fear, Our Today is here!

Let us take a look at a few items you can gift mom, as well as where to go to make these purchases.


A selection of potential Mother’s Day gift items at Ammar’s at The Village/Mall plazas in St Andrew. (Photo: Ategie Edwards/OUR TODAY)

With three stores across the Kingston capital, Ammar’s boasts a wide array of gifts to be bought for mom on her special day.

The department store, which offers a signature of style, is an ideal place to purchase practical and thoughtful gifts.

Speaking with one of the company’s assistant managers, Ms Clarke, she shared that the store offers an extensive range of clothing including dresses, shorts, tops and bathing suits, perfect for moms who will be lounging at the hotel this weekend.

And, if you are worried about finding the right style for her, no worries, as the department store caters to both women who prefer to dress “sexy” and those who are more easygoing in their choice of style.

“We have a wide range of underwear, bras, panties, nighties, we have handbags, lovely handbags. We have house ware, anything in the dry goods house, you can get it here,” Clarke explained, noting that each is at an affordable price.

Also available are household items, including bed sets and kitchenware.

Ammar’s is located on The Village/Mall plazas: 24 Constant Spring Road, Sovereign Centre: 106 Hope Road and 70b King Street. You can also contact the store at tel # 876-926-4667.

Visit an Ammar’s store today to make that purchase for mom!

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Facebook – @ammarsjamaica

BlinkSky Jamaica

For Mother’s Day 2022, BlinkSky Jamaica is providing you with the perfect opportunity to make mom happy. With the Mother’s Day deal being offered, you won’t be left with the pressure of choosing the best gift, as BlinkSky is giving your mom the opportunity to choose exactly what she desires.

Through BlinkSky, you will be able to purchase a gift card, known as a blinkable, with a design of your choice which can be sent via email, WhatsApp or SMS.

“A Mother’s Day blinkable digital gift card allows the end recipient to choose which BlinkSky merchant they want to use the value at. So, for last minute gifts you can include a message with that card and it will be delivered to your mom within six seconds,” said Sherika Jackson-Grant, general manger at BlinkSky.

BlinkSky Mother’s Day gift card.

When choosing the blinkable, you will be able to add any sum of money you desire, from as low as J$500 to J$50,000.

“We’re going live with 7Krave gift cards on the BlinkSky platform and we’ll also be doing a Mother’s Day promotional round up. We wanted to focus on the options that are available on BlinkSky through our other merchants,” Jackson-Grant added.

With over 85 merchants “to suit every lifestyle”, mothers will have a wide array of categories to choose from, ranging from supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, gas stations, spas, floral stores and even bill payment!

To purchase your Mother’s Day Blinkable, visit BlinkSky’s website, @BlinkSky, then, “complete a payment with any debit or credit card. You can enter the recipient’s number that the card should be given to. You can include a note and then you pay for the card,” Jackson-Grant said.

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Facebook – @BlinkSkyJamaica

Gorgeous Flowers

(Photo :

The gift of flowers is most ideal if one wishes to show affection. This inherently romantic gift is the perfect way for a man to show his love and appreciation for the mother of his child.

And the perfect place to purchase a rose, lili, bouquet or floral arrangement of your choice is Gorgeous Flowers. Known as a household name in the floral industry, Gorgeous Flowers for this year will once again have its Mother’s Day Special, with the usually sought after floral arrangement available.

Speaking with Chenelle Williams, chief administrative officer of the 30-year-old company, she provided some details on the specials available for this year.

“We do have specials that are particularly directed to mothers. We have some very unique containers, some very unique keep sake vases that can be used again… telefloral-themed arrangements, we have the custom vases for those,” she said.

Williams then went on to share other non-floral items that can be purchased from the company, including gift baskets with fruits and goodies, as well as prearranged personalised gift boxes available in paper or wood.

“Cups with mum, body items, like lotions, candles, keepsake purses, lip balms. So things that mom can use, some may have chocolate,” she said.

Orchids, floral arrangements and gift cards are also available. Mother’s Day specials go from J$15,000, and up, while non-special floral arrangements go from J$8,000 and up.

Persons can place their order via the company’s website, dial 876-920-3354/ (876) 920-3429/876-906-1559 or visit the physical store located on 85 Hagley Park Road or email

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Website – @gorgeousflowersjamaica

Bridget Sandals

Kay Sandals (Photo: Instagram @bridgetsandals)

Located on 1 Abbeydale Road in the Kingston capital, Bridget Sandals, a popular brand here in Jamaica, is an attractive and useful gift for mom.

These sandals, though a bit on the pricey side, are a smart and worthy investment. Available in a variety of styles and colours, Bridget sandals come in three main categories – thong, strappy and open toe.

Popular sandals include the Kay, Cut Away and Rose. Other sandals include Nadine, Fringe, Michelle and Coin.

To purchase your Mother’s Day sandals, visit the store today!

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