JAM | Nov 29, 2023

Today’s Weather | Partly cloudy with isolated showers across central and western parishes

Vanassa McKenzie

Vanassa McKenzie / Our Today

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Rainy weather background

A trough is expected to remain across the island throughout today, November 29. A high-pressure ridge is also expected to build across Jamaica and is expected to remain for the rest of the week.

24-Hour Forecast:

  • This morning: Partly Cloudy
  • This afternoon: Isolated showers mainly across sections of central and western parishes, partly cloudy elsewhere.
  • Tonight: Partly Cloudy

Today’s Forecast for selected towns and cities:

South Eastern Region:

  • Morant Bay: Late afternoon showers
  • Kingston: Mostly cloudy in the afternoon
  • Half-Way Tree: Mostly cloudy in the afternoon

South Central Region:

  • Portmore: Mostly cloudy in the afternoon
  • Spanish Town: Afternoon showers
  • May Pen: Afternoon showers
  • Mandeville: Afternoon showers

South Western Region:

  • Santa Cruz: Mostly cloudy in the afternoon
  • Black River: Mostly Cloudy in the afternoon
  • Savanna-la-Mar: Partly cloudy
  • Negril: Partly cloudy

North Eastern Region:

  • Port Antonio: Mostly cloudy in the afternoon
  • Port Maria: Late afternoon showers

North Central Region:

  • Ocho Rios: Late afternoon showers
  • St Ann’s Bay: Late afternoon showers
  • Brown’s Town: Late afternoon showers
  • Falmouth: Mostly cloudy in the afternoon

North Western Region:

  • Montego Bay: Partly cloudy
  • Lucea: Party Cloudy

Maximum temperatures expected for Kingston today: 31 degrees Celsius

Maximum temperatures expected for Montego Bay today: 31 degrees Celsius

3-Day Forecast (starting tomorrow)

  • Thursday: Partly cloudy with isolated afternoon showers mainly across hilly areas and southern parishes.
  • Friday and Saturday: Mainly sunny morning. Partly cloudy afternoon.

Other current regional weather features:

A stationary front extending across western Cuba and the Gulf of Mexico. An area of low pressure across Panama.


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