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Top 10 Netflix movies in Jamaica

Tamoy Ashman

Tamoy Ashman / Our Today


Netflix has become a very popular streaming service in Jamaica releasing hundreds of movies every year, but which movies do Jamaicans love the most?

Whether you love horror, comedy or romance, Netflix is the go-to place to binge movies but it is often hard to find something good.

With this in mind, Netflix created a top 10 list for each country.

The list features 10 movies trending in any country that has Netflix, keeping viewers up to date.

At Our Today, we want to keep you up to speed.

So, here are the top 10 trending movies in Jamaica, according to Netflix.

10. Love in the Villa

Genre: Romance/comedy

Synopsis: After breaking up with her boyfriend, a young woman attends a trip to Italy the pair had previously planned.

When she arrives at her villa, she finds that it was double- booked and she now has to share it with a stranger.

Cast: Tom Hopper, Kat Graham and Laura Hopper


Genre: Drama/ Action

Synopsis: After the tragic and unexplained death of their brother, three siblings have their life turned into chaos as they try to find answers.

Cast: Dali Bensshala, Sami Slimane and Ouassini Embarek

8. Perfume

Genre: Thriller

Synopsis: When a woman is found murdered with scent glands excised from her body, a detective probes a group of friends who attended boarding school with her.

Secrets unveil about the groups obsession with scent among other things.

Cast: Ben Whishaw, Alan Rickman and Dustin Hoffman.

7. Mat Kilau

Genre: Drama/ Action

Synopsis: A legendary warrior defends his home town from colonization when British forces invade their land.

Cast: Yahyan Ruhian, Adi Putra and Geoff Andre Feyaerts

6. End of the Road

Genre: Drama/ Crime

Synopsis: While on a cross- country trip, Brenda, her town kids and her brother witness a murder. Now alone in the desert, they find itself in cross- fire with the killer as Brenda fights for her family.

Cast: Queen Latifa, Ludacris and MyChala Faith Lee

5. Dolittle

Genre: Family/ Adventure

Synopsis: A physician, who can speak with animals, is summoned by the queen to find a cure for her life-threatening disease.

Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland, Selena Gomez and Octavia Spencer

4. The Invisible Man

Genre: Horror/ Thriller

Synopsis: Cecilia’s abusive ex- boyfriend fakes his death and begins to stalk and torment her as the invisible man. After experiencing several strange events she goes on a quest to find the truth.

Cast: Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson- Cohen and Aldis Hodge.

3. A Jazzman’s Blues

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: A tale of forbidden love and family drama unravels 40 years of secrets and lies in the deep south during an unsolved murder investigation.

Cast: Solea Pfeffier, Joshua Boone and Amirah Vann

2. Do Revenge

Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: Two teenagers team up to deliver revenge on their tormentors after their lives are destroyed by rumors and a leaked sex tape.

Cast: Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke and Austin Abrams

1. Lou

Genre: Action/ Thriller

Synopsis: A young girl is kidnapper during a storm surge. With the help of her mysterious neighbour the pair go on a journey to find the missing child, revealing secrets from their past.

Cast: Allison Janney, Jurnee Smollette and Logan Marshall-Green


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