CARIB | Dec 17, 2020

Tracking COVID: Anguilla back on zero active cases; Caribbean caseload further soars

Gavin Riley

Gavin Riley / Our Today

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Anguilla joins fellow British overseas territory Monsterrat as the only two places in the Caribbean that enjoy zero active cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) this week, as new infections trend upwards.

Still, the region closed in on an impressive twelfth week of recording majority closed cases, but from the current rate of spread the Caribbean’s luck is running out.

Our Today analysis has shown that 25 of the 32 affected countries and territories reported new cases within the last 24 hours—a clear warning sign of what’s to come after the hectic and crowded Christmas season reaches peak activity next week.

As at 4:52 pm Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT) on Thursday, December 17, collated data from respective health departments across the region have indicated a combined total of 330,080 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Of that number, some 206,094 cases, or roughly 62.44  per cent, have officially been declared closed. There are currently 123,986 active cases regionally.

The encouraging figures were largely the result of patients across the Caribbean reporting a full recovery from the infectious disease (200,250 recoveries to date, barring insufficient data from Puerto Rico and Martinique).

In the meantime, the total number of patients who succumbed to coronavirus-related complications has steadily climbed to 5,843.

See Our Today’s latest situational analysis on COVID-19 in the Caribbean below:

Confirmed cases to date: 330,080
Deaths: 5,843
Recoveries: 200,250*
Active cases: 123,986*

—Data from Health Departments and Agencies across the Caribbean. (Full or partial recovery statistics have not been forthcoming from Puerto Rico and Martinique)

Dominican Republic: 720 new cases; 157,305 confirmed. 2,375 patients have died. (122,205 patients have recovered)

Puerto Rico: 267 new cases; 63,686 confirmed. 1,323 patients have died. (*No information available on recoveries)

French Guiana: 137 new cases; 12,163 confirmed. 71 patients have died. (9,995 recoveries)

Jamaica: 61 new cases; 11,968 confirmed. 279 patients have died. (8,525 recoveries)

Cuba: 100 new cases; 9,771 confirmed. 137 patients have died. (8,770 recoveries)

Belize: 161 new cases; 9,672 confirmed. 212 patients have died. (4,628 recoveries)

New COVID-19 infections and hospitalisations are on the rise across the Caribbean. (Photo:

Haiti: 30 new cases; 9,627 confirmed. 234 patients have died. (8,310 recoveries)

Guadeloupe: 52 new cases; 8,524 confirmed. 154 patients have died. (2,242 recoveries)

The Bahamas: Eight new cases; 7,698 confirmed. 164 patients have died. (6,081 recoveries)

Trinidad and Tobago: 17 new cases; 6,917 confirmed. 123 patients have died. (6,230 recoveries)

Guyana: 43 new cases; 6,016 confirmed. 158 patients have died. (5,185 recoveries)

Martinique: 59 new cases; 5,634 confirmed. 41 patients have died. (124 recoveries)

Suriname: 19 new cases; 5,401 confirmed. 117 patients have died. (5,239 recoveries)

Aruba: 18 new cases; 5,124 confirmed. 47 patients have died. (4,919 recoveries)

Curaçao: 68 new cases;  3,767 confirmed. 11 patients have died. (1,945 recoveries)

US Virgin Islands: 28 new cases; 1,878 confirmed. 23 patients have died. (1,667 recoveries)

Sint Maarten: Seven new cases; 1,276 confirmed. 26 patients have died. (1,122 recoveries)

St Martin: No new cases; 801 confirmed. 12 patients have died. (675 recoveries)

Turks & Caicos Islands: One new case; 772 confirmed. Six patients have died. (741 recoveries)

Alongside stricter restrictions on mass movement and gatherings, many Caribbean countries have launched rapid testing centres in major commercial and residential hotspots.

Bermuda: 18 new cases; 485 confirmed. Nine patients have died. (255 recoveries)

Cayman Islands: Six new cases; 308 confirmed. Two patient have died. (281 recoveries)

Barbados: Four new cases; 292 confirmed. Seven patients have died. (274 recoveries)

St Lucia: No new cases; 278 confirmed. Four patients have died. (246 recoveries)

Saint-Barthélemy: No new cases; 162 confirmed. One patient has died. (127 recoveries)

Antigua and Barbuda: Three new cases; 151 confirmed. Five patients have died. (141 recoveries)

St Vincent and the Grenadines: Two new cases; 100 confirmed. (82 recoveries)

Dominica: No new cases; 88 confirmed. (83 recoveries)

Grenada: Four new cases; 85 confirmed. (41 recoveries)

British Virgin Islands: Four new cases; 80 confirmed. One patient has died. (73 recoveries) 

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has infiltrated every territory in the Caribbean.

St Kitts and Nevis: No new cases; 28 confirmed. (23 recoveries)

Countries without active cases

Anguilla: No active cases. (Previously has 10 confirmed cases)

Monserrat: No active cases. (Previously had 13 confirmed cases; one patient died)


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