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Tracking COVID: Caribbean countries battle second coronavirus wave, 226,000+ cases now confirmed

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Faced with incredible odds, health practitioners continue to do well amid the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, as the Caribbean maintains more closed cases over active infections.

Of the 32 affected countries and territories, 25 have reported new COVID cases within the last 24 hours.

As at 5:32 pm Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT) on Monday, October 19, collated data from respective health departments across the region have indicated a combined total of 226,186 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Of that number, some 157,381 cases, or roughly 69.6 per cent, have officially been deemed closed.

The encouraging figures were largely the result of patients across the Caribbean reporting a full recovery from the infectious disease (148,567 recoveries to date, barring insufficient data from Puerto Rico).

In the meantime, the total number of patients who succumbed to coronavirus-related complications has risen to 4,575.

At the time of publication, only five Caribbean countries and territories have managed to bring their active caseload to zero, namely: St Kitts and Nevis, British Virgin Islands, Monserrat and Anguilla.

See Our Today’s latest situational analysis on COVID-19 in the Caribbean below:

Confirmed cases to date: 226,186

Deaths: 4,575

Recoveries: 152,806*

—Data from Health Departments and Agencies across the Caribbean. (*No recovery statistics have been forthcoming from Puerto Rico)

Dominican Republic: 320 new cases; 121,667 confirmed. 2,203 patients have died. (98,880 patients have recovered)

Puerto Rico: 359 new cases; 29,138 confirmed. 768 patients have died. (*No information available on recoveries)

French Guiana: 25 new cases; 10,268 confirmed. 69 patients have died. (9,995 recoveries)

Haiti: 17 new cases; 8,925 confirmed. 231 patients have died. (7,182 recoveries)

Jamaica: 47 new cases; 8,321 confirmed. 173 patients have died. (3,951 recoveries)

Guadeloupe: 214 new cases; 7,122 confirmed. 96 patients have died. (2,199 recoveries)

Cuba: 38 new cases; 6,258 confirmed. 127 patients have died. (5,780 recoveries)

The Bahamas: 70 new cases; 5,773 confirmed. 123 patients have died. (3,339 recoveries)

Trinidad and Tobago: 16 new cases; 5,297 confirmed. 96 patients have died. (3,652 recoveries)

Suriname: Seven new cases; 5,130 confirmed. 109 patients have died. (4,944 recoveries)

Aruba: 18 new cases; 4,322 confirmed. 34 patients have died. (3,983 recoveries)

Guyana: 24 new cases; 3,734 confirmed. 109 patients have died. (2,654 recoveries)

Belize: 38 new cases; 2,813 confirmed. 44 patients have died. (1,670 recoveries)

Martinique: No new cases; 2,257 confirmed. 22 patients have died. (124 recoveries)

US Virgin Islands: Eight new cases; 1,335 confirmed. 21 patients have died. (1,296 recoveries)

Sint Maarten: Four new cases; 753 confirmed. 22 patients have died. (669 recoveries)

Curaçao: 27 new cases; 744 confirmed. One patient has died. (433 recoveries)

Turks & Caicos Islands: Two new cases; 698 confirmed. Six patients have died. (684 recoveries)

St Martin: 30 new cases; 531 confirmed. Eight patients have died. (380 recoveries)

Cayman Islands: Eight new cases; 233 confirmed. One patient has died. (212 recoveries)

Barbados: One new case; 222 confirmed. Seven patients have died. (203 recoveries)

Bermuda: No new cases; 185 confirmed. Nine patients have died. (172 recoveries)

Antigua and Barbuda: Seven new cases; 119 confirmed. Three patients have died. (101 recoveries)

Saint-Barthélemy: Five new cases; 72 confirmed. (55 recoveries)

St Vincent and the Grenadines: Three new cases. 67 confirmed. (64 recoveries)

St Lucia: Five new cases; 36 confirmed. (27 recoveries)

Dominica: No new cases; 33 confirmed. (29 recoveries)

Grenada: Two new cases; 27 confirmed. (24 recoveries)

Countries without active cases

St Kitts and Nevis: No active cases. (Previously confirmed 19 cases)

British Virgin Islands: No active cases. (Previously confirmed 71 cases; one patient died)

Monserrat: No active cases. (Previously had 13 confirmed cases; one patient died)

Anguilla: No active cases. (Previously had three confirmed cases)


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