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Tyrone Wilson returning to iCreate Limited

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Durrant Pate/Contributor

Following a brief three-month departure from the company he founded in 2018, Tyrone Wilson is returning to iCreate Limited.

He was voted in on the board of directors by an overwhelming majority of shareholders present at Friday’s (November 24) annual general meeting. In a statement following the vote to return him to board of the creative and media company, Wilson responded, “I am also elated to return as CEO, pending the final decision of a Board majority to reinstall me, along with any other roles they see fit. This decision is rooted in a profound commitment to the company I founded.” 

Our Today sought to get comment from Wilson, with respect to the reason(s) for his return to iCreate, where he resigned as chairman, CEO and director back in August this year. However, he would not comment any further outside of his prepared statement, a copy of which was presented to Our Today.

Unclarified issues on his resignation

Wilson acknowledged that there are a number of unclear and un-clarified issues surrounding his resignation and involvement at iCreate, promising “we will be putting in measures to update our loyal shareholders and other members of the investment community. Shareholders have approached me, concerned over declining stock price the continuation of our M&A strategy, the direction of the company and our transparency relating to certain matters.”

In clarifying his return, Wilson emphasised the imperative to address the narrative surrounding his previous resignation stating, “it was a voluntary decision, I was not fired by the Board, but I do notice the negative narrative surrounding same. I believe in transparent communication and want to ensure that the circumstances are accurately understood.”

He admitted that his health most importantly was compromised but has healed saying he is ready to recommit. “Further communication will be disseminated by the company in due time. Together, as a dedicated team, we will navigate these waters, secure in our commitment to iCreate’s continued prominence,” Wilson said in his prepared statement.

Ready to battle

He drew the battle lines preparing to go to war to protect his reputation saying “I endorse free speech and diverse opinions, but I’ll legally contest any attempts to defame my character. My legal teams are involved, and I am prepared to take action against any wrongdoing.”

Tyrone Wilson, founder, ex-president and -ex-CEO of iCreate Limited. (Photo: Contribted)

The incoming director is readily admitting that iCreate holds a special place in his heart, as his creation, declaring that he is driven by a deep sense of responsibility to ensure its longevity. 

According to Wilson, “despite the challenges of the past and those currently faced, I see immense potential for growth and success, and I am recommitted to seeing it through. The acquisition of Visual Vibe, while a strategic move, necessitated significant financial sacrifice, and I am fully dedicated to responsibly closing out those obligations – this will be priority number one.”

He singled out Ricardo Allen, Dainya-Joy Wint, Arlene Martin and Ivan Carter, who have devoted significant time to iCreate but were not reelected as directors. In spite of this, Wilson said their contributions are invaluable and have laid a strong foundation for improved governance moving forward. 

In concluding, Wilson thanked the directors and team members who stepped up during my absence, arguing that in spite of the outcome, everything that was done, was all to the benefit of iCreate. 


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