CARIB | Jun 2, 2021

UCC among new Common App members, students to gain access to more colleges

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The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) is a new member of the Common Application 2021-22 programme which gives students applying to college in 2021-2022, access to over 30 additional colleges and universities from among the many hundreds of colleges and universities that exist.

 The UCC is the only Caribbean university among the members to date.

The Common App online application system, used by more than three million applicants, teachers, and counselors around the world every year, streamlines the college application process, providing resources and guidance to make college more accessible for students.

In addition to providing a single, online application and 24/7/365 support for all students applying to member colleges and universities, the Common App connects applicants to a mobile app, financial aid and scholarship information, virtual mentors, online portfolios, and a vast library of counselor resources available in English and Spanish. 

In January 2019, the Common App united with Reach Higher, the college access and success campaign started by former First Lady Michelle Obama during her time at the White House. Its core programming, including Better Make Room, UpNext, College Signing Day, Beating the Odds, school counselor support, and current grants continues as part of the Common App’s work with its member institutions, school counselors, and students.

Professor Dennis Gayle, president of the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean Global Campus.

“UCC’s animating vision is the provision of educational and career development opportunities to students seeking access to better and brighter futures, by understanding their needs, such as flexible pathways to quality teaching and learning, tuition discounts, respect as striving individuals, equitable treatment and consideration, an extensive range of academic programmes offered in online and blended formats, and the curricular as well as the co-curricular support needed to pursue excellence,” said University of the Commonwealth Caribbean Global Campus President, Professor Dennis Gayle.

“UCC’s partnership with Common App is based on these shared principles, given their team’s commitment to understanding student needs, while reassuring all interested students that their educational aspirations will be encouraged and supported – that no dream is out of reach for those prepared to work towards it.“

UCC is in prestigous company of several major universities who are also members of the Common application including Pratt Institute (NY), Concordia, Texas Wesleyan University Portland State University.


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