JM | Aug 3, 2022

‘Unexpected’ re-brands to ‘Brawny’, preps new music video and EP   

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Re-branded dancehall artiste, Brawny. (Photo contributed)

A name change signals a rebirth, a renewal of strength, hope, and aspirations. 

And that is exactly what reggae/dancehall deejay Unexpected has done with his change of name after two decades to Brawny, even as he works to complete and release a new EP.  

Emerging from Manchester, the parish that gave the world reggae icons such as Garnet Silk, Tony Rebel among others, Unexpected (real name Leon Wint) launched his career in 2001, with his first single titled Outa Rome on the Reggae Central label. 

He has recorded several other tracks since then, including World Crazy, Don’t Limit Me, Woman Sweetness, and Latest Gal, which was released this year. 

Some of these songs were done under the name Unexpected, and some under Brawny. And even as he has created his own label RasaRas records, he still voices for other producers. 

“The name change come ketch some songs like World Crazy. Da chune deh a gwaan good, it gimme a lot of feedback but not locally. Internationally, the people dem gravitate to it,” said Brawny. 

Brawny revealed that World Crazy was recorded by the late Barry O’Hare as Unexpected but has since been re-issued as being done by Brawny. 

Brawny’s fan base has grown steadily over the years, especially in the North American market. Having already performed in the United States, he is currently working on a Canadian tour. 

He is also making plans to shoot a video for the track Woman Sweetness which is gaining more and more rotation on the airwaves, even as work continues on an upcoming EP, which is in its early stages and is yet to be titled. 

“We’re working on an EP right now, a mixed EP with a variety of songs,” Brawny disclosed.


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