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Utilisation of CINITY technology brings visual glory to The Wandering Earth II

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China Film International Theater is a large cinema located below the Museum of the Communist Party of China in Beijing.

It has 15 theatres, including three with CINITY projectors, a large LED screen, two red-themed theatres, a 4D hall, four VIP halls, two children’s halls and two standard cinemas. The theatre is equipped with 100 special LED screens, symbolising the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

It is a world-class cinema with high-tech content, high technical standards, high-specification configuration, and high-standard management that can meet the diverse viewing needs of audiences and the needs of various party activities and cultural activities. Its leading projection technology, diversified viewing equipment and stunning visual and sound effects can bring audiences into a new digital audio and video field, providing an immersive viewing experience.

During the production of The Wandering Earth 2, the utilisation of CINITY format technology demanded a specialised configuration for filming in order to capture a smoother and more detailed visual experience, especially for the fast-moving and intense action scenes of the space elevators and vehicles which required high technical demands on frame rate and resolution.

As a result, a 4K/60 frame shooting was selected to offer smoother and more delicate movements, while reducing the blurs, jitters, and drag of the backgrounds and foregrounds, resulting in a high immersive quality and smooth image.

Many scenes and shots of the film were filmed using the CINITY format technology, with some shots being captured in 4K/60 fps using the CINITY exclusive configuration, and some shots natively filmed in 6.5K/60 fps. These CINITY exclusive shots bring a more stunning, smooth, and detailed visual experience to the film.

The CINITY version of The Wandering Earth 2 was subsequently reproduced in 120 frames by CINITY AMR technology, which was recommended by the film’s director, Guo Fan, and leading actor, Wu Jing, both of whom are also brand ambassadors for CINITY. Currently, there are 132 CINITY cinemas located nationwide, covering 27 provinces and 61 cities, with three additional CINITY cinemas under construction overseas and one pending construction.

Looking towards the future, it is expected that almost all highly entertaining and commercially valuable films will have CINITY versions available through in-depth cooperation with film studios and CINITY AMR master reproduction technology. CINITY is actively collaborating with many well-known film production companies in China and abroad, with a large number of excellent films expected to utilise high-format film technology and cooperate with CINITY’s system.


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