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WATA fuels Duvaughn Dick’s push towards ‘Mr Olympia’

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Jamaican bodybuilder Duvaughn Dick.

Jamaican bodybuilder Duvaughn Dick has charted a pathway to the prestigious Mr Olympia stage and he is doing so with the support of family and friends and the Wisynco Group through their popular brand, WATA.

For many years, WATA has invested heavily in squash, athletics, swimming and Jamaica’s senior football teams through a long-term partnership with the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF). Body building appears to be the brand’s most recent affiliation with fitness since supporting Dick for the past few years.

Most recently, WATA sponsored the bodybuilder’s expenses to represent Jamaica at the 2022 CAC Fitness Championships in Barbados. This, shortly after the businessman, student and fitness athlete won two categories – ‘Classic Bodybuilding’ and ‘Heavyweight’ at the Jamaica Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships (JABBAF) earlier in July.

Jamaican bodybuilder Duvaughn Dick.

Dick has been on this inspirational journey for four short years, and 2022 has proven to be his best yet after copping the bronze medal in ‘Men’s Classic Bodybuilding’ during the CAC Fitness Championships.

“My journey was not easy. I have tried to lose weight multiple times over the years. I would lose 20 pounds here, 30 pounds there but it would come back eventually. In 2018, I made the decision that I wanted to do better, I wanted to look better,” said Dick, who then weighed in close to a whopping 330 pounds but now consumes two gallons of WATA each day.

“I knew what worked for me, which was a low-carb diet so I just did that, found a way to make it easy. As long as it’s something that’s manageable it can be consistent and consistency is what it really takes so I tried to fit in things I like into my diet and kept it low carb for the most part; did that consistently over time.”

“I looked back at pictures, didn’t like what I saw and wanted to do better for myself.”

Jamaican bodybuilder Duvaughn Dick

Over the next 14 months, he lost 100 pounds. “I looked back at pictures, didn’t like what I saw and wanted to do better for myself,” he said.

Dick holds a degree in physical therapy from the University of the West Indies and is currently studying for a doctorate degree in physical therapy. He also runs a physical therapy business. Together, they make for a challenging lifestyle but one that has so far reaped rich rewards.

“Running my own business plus pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy with a school in Minnesota, being able to juggle that while winning two national titles and going on to represent Jamaica it really makes me feel proud of myself to do all of that at the same time. It has been very stressful but I was able to get it done with the help of my family, Wisynco and WATA.”

“WATA has been a big supporter over the years. They first came on board when I was doing my CAC competition a couple years back. I think I was ninth and 11th. They also helped with the competition in July and with their continued support I have been getting better and better.” He continued: “Even outside of bodybuilding they gave me support when I volunteered as a physical therapist for the Jamaica Association of Sports Medicine. We went out to Western Jamaica in Montego Bay to provide screenings at a health fair for underserved high school athletes.

Jamaican bodybuilder Duvaughn Dick

Dick hopes WATA will continue to back him as he continues his sojourn to the very pinnacle of the sport as he is already making moves to take his career to the next level.

“Since last year I have been working with Loleta Riley out of Florida. I have her in my corner helping me to get to the next level. I want to win the overall title Mr Jamaica, win the CAC title for my country, and go on to the pro ranks,” he said.

“I finish school in May and I can fully focus on bodybuilding after. My dream is to be on the Olympia stage where only the best of the best qualify.”


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