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JAM | Jun 14, 2023

WATCH | Bin Di Rich: From gospel to dancehall, a journey of faith and resilience

Shemar-Leslie Louisy

Shemar-Leslie Louisy / Our Today

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Dancehall artiste Bin Di Rich (right) and friend since childhood DJ Fire Reds (left)

After being struck by one of the greatest tragedies a father can experience, former gospel-turned-dancehall artiste Bin Di Rich has changed his worldview on what it means to have faith and how he chooses to express himself as an artiste.

Born the son of two pastors, Bin Di Rich, formerly known as Pastor Son, grew up heavily influenced by the church and the input of his father who he credits for passing on lessons of discipline, consistency and hard work.

Raised in the communities of Palmetto Grove and Rock River in St Mary, Bin Di Rich was exposed to music at an early age.

Bin Di Rich’s journey took an unexpected turn when tragedy struck his life. The loss of his beloved son left him devastated, grappling with grief and searching for answers. As doctors struggled to explain the cause of his son’s untimely passing, some within the church community began to cast doubt on Bin Di Rich’s character, labelling him as partaking in evil and suggesting he made some sort of sacrifice in exchange for success.

This lack of support caused him to part ways with the church and from gospel music.

Gospel-turned-dancehall artiste Bin Di Rich (Photos: Shemar-Leslie Louisy/ Our_Today)

“I’ve left the church but I haven’t left God,” affirms Bin Di Rich, dispelling any misconceptions about his religious beliefs. He firmly believes that being an artiste requires a profound understanding of the industry and meticulous planning, echoing the sentiment that music and faith can coexist harmoniously.

Undeterred by the baseless accusations, Bin Di Rich drew strength from his faith and the unwavering support of his father. He channeled his emotions into his music, using it as an outlet for healing and self-expression.

“I’ll sing what the people want to hear,” said Bin Di Rich, “But I’ll do it in my own way,” he declared

In an interview with Our Today, Bin Di Rich alongside his team of family and friends dubbed ‘Di Rich Team’ shared their views on how they plan to approach the dancehall music industry.

Check it out below:


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