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WATCH | Campari enters three-year carnival partnership with Xodus and Yardmas

Shemar-Leslie Louisy

Shemar-Leslie Louisy / Our Today

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With what could be the best late entry of the century for Jamaica carnival, Campari Group has entered into a three-year partnership with Jamaican carnival bands Xodus and Yardmas to host Campari Carnival.

Campari made the announcement on Tuesday (February 28), at the J. Wray & Nephew Limited office in Kingston.

This partnership aims to further develop the Jamaican carnival brand, creating “the best carnival experience Jamaican has ever seen” and continue elevating it as a more premium experience for revellers.

Speaking at the Campari Carnival launch, Mark Telfer, brand manager at Campari said, “Campari is here to support the advancement of entertainment in Jamaica, not just carnival, and in order to demonstrate that, the idea this year is to ensure that Campari enhances the experience that is brought to you. The pandemic taught us that unity is a major thing, we got through it together and carnival is going to be better together this year in 2023.

Andrew Bellamy (left), managing director of Yardmas; Pavel Smith (centre), marketing manager of Campari; Scott Dunn (right), managing director of Dream Entertainment Limited. (Photos: Shemar-Leslie Louisy/Our Today)

Campari promised that this partnership will bring unique experiences for this carnival season, with an islandwide presence.

Speaking with Our Today, Scott Dunn, managing director at Dream Entertainment Limited, co-owners of Xodus shared his thoughts on the partnership.

“We are extremely pleased with the partnership bringing together three major brands to grow carnival in Jamaica for years to come,” added Dunn.

Watch the video below:

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