JAM | Mar 25, 2023

WATCH: Environmentalists protest against deep sea bed mining in Jamaica

/ Our Today

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Environmentalists are lobbying against the potential launch of a deep sea mining industry in Jamaica that they say can be very destructive to marine life.

Deep sea mining involves the retrieval of minerals and deposits from the ocean floor found at depths of 200 metres up to 6,500 metres.

During a meeting at the Jamaica Conference Centre yesterday (March 24). the International Seabed Authority (ISA) met with delegates to determine the fate of deep-sea mining and whether it will commence off Jamaican shores.

Our Today spoke with Dahvia Hylton, a spokesperson for the Jamaica Climate Change Youth Coalition (JCCYC), the organisation that led the protest, who said that there is not enough information available about the deep sea and its ecosystem to conduct mining and its practice can be both destructive and dangerous.

Watch the video below to hear what else she had to say:


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