JAM | Nov 19, 2023

WATCH | GenXS brings dragons and fire to 2024 Carnival Season with new costume designs

Shemar-Leslie Louisy

Shemar-Leslie Louisy / Our Today

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Photo: Shemar-Leslie Louisy/Our Today

Unmarred by rainfall, and hot on the trails of the competition GenXS kicked off its carnival season with its band launch, revealing a collection of nine new costumes under their chosen theme, ‘Unleash the Dragon.’

The band launch was held at the birthplace of carnival in Jamaica, UWI Mona’s Visitor Lodge and Conference Centre, on Saturday (November 18), where the stage was lit ablaze with nine hot new costumes.

The nine costumes which all have a dragon-based theme are: Alero, Drakonus, Ferzanda, Magnus, Pyrax, Ragnar, Volcarnis, Wendamyr, and Xengsu.

(Photo: Contributed)

Speaking with Our Today, Matthew Waddell, director at GenXS Jamaica said, “It was a big success! I think it was very well executed; we had a lot of lovely costumes and I’m thankful and blessed that people came out to see what we had to present. All of our designers took a lot of time and effort to present something that we thought was a very good representation of our theme and of what we think will bring people to enjoy during carnival.”

“Jamaicans can expect the best from us this carnival, next year we will land a dragon in Half Way Tree and it will be very destructive,” he added, referencing the theme for the band this Carnival season.

Sharing her thoughts on the evening, Nisa Jn Pierre, an attendee said, “I loved the idea behind the theme. I’m not sure what exactly was the problem with the stage but I’m proud of how well all the models handled themselves. The costumes themselves were pretty interesting; I’ve never even considered a theme like that before.”

Check out the video below:


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