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JAM | Apr 13, 2023

Watch | Indie Allen: Upcoming artiste bringing good vibes only with his new single

Shemar-Leslie Louisy

Shemar-Leslie Louisy / Our Today

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Undeterred by the challenges he faced by the COVID-19 pandemic, singer and songwriter Indie Allen has released a new single, Good Vibes Only, a song he calls “an anthem for mental health to encourage peace, love and happiness.”

Born and raised in Montego Bay, St James, Allen was first introduced to music through his older brother who was singer at church. Allen said that going with his brother to his practices at an early age made him realise he has a passion for music.

While attending the Cornwall College highschool, he would join a singing group named Elements where he was introduced to performing.

Indie Allen (Photo: Instagram @indiemename)

“It was from there that I just couldn’t have enough, I wanted more out of it, I wanted to take music more seriously as a career and I moved to Kingston where I enrolled in Edna Manley [College of the Visual and Performing Arts],” said Allen.

Allen credits his time at Edna Manley, under the guidance of lecturers such as Michael Fletcher band leader for Jamaican artiste Shaggy’s band who drove him “closer to his dreams and passion”.

He also highlighted his positive experience learning from Mikey Bennett who he said is still someone he would happily call for advice and mentorship.

Since learning from Bennett, Allen has spent his time travelling all over the world to places such as Belgium, Canada, New Orleans and Trinidad.

Halted by Covid

Indie Allen (Photo: Instagram @indiemename)

During the onset of the pandemic, Allen was forced to take a break from travelling and performing.

“I remember preparing to go on tour again and we just saw this thing on the news and the next thing we know everything just started getting cancelled, and travel bans were popping up,” said Allen.

Good Vibes Only is a song that encapsulates more than his recovery and triumphs from that period.

“This song is celebrating the evolutions of happiness; it’s something dedicated to the things that brought genuine happiness to me and to encourage others who I’ve seen struggling with their mental health among my family and friends,” said the artiste.

“Especially those for me who live abroad, the song is my way of giving them something, that can transcend borders and travel worldwide. It’s an anthem for mental health,” he continued.

Check out the video below:

Allen’s music is a fusion of traditional reggae, dancehall, R&B, and hip-hop, blending different genres and
sounds to create a truly distinctive sound. His music is known for its catchy melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and infectious rhythms that encourage introspection, good vibes and excitement.

Allen said he has a powerful song called Liz coming out this year and he’s currently working hard to get back to touring and doing more shows.

You can check out the new song on Allen’s YouTube page @Indie Allen

You can follow his journey @indiemename


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