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WATCH | International urban development expert Greg Clark to give PanJam’s Maurice Facey Lecture

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Professor Greg Clark, international urban development expert.

In continuing its charge to drive the sustainable development of local cities through urban renewal, PanJam Investment Limited has announced international urban development expert Professor Greg Clark as this year’s guest speaker for the upcoming staging of The Honourable Maurice Facey Lecture on October 12.

After a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual lecture returns under the theme ‘The Business of Cities: Partnering for Urban Revitalisation’ and will resume open discussions concerning the framework required for the robust development of Jamaica’s urban landscape. It will encourage the proactive and long-term planning of municipalities as it also honours the legacy of late businessman Maurice Facey, who founded the PanJam Group and spearheaded transformation in Jamaica’s real-estate industry through the development of high-rise commercial and residential properties.

“My view is that cities are shared systems. [They’re] shared between government, business, investors, institutions and, most crucially, citizens.”

Professor Greg Clark, international urban development expert

In addition to detailing proven strategies for building a resilient urban environment, Clark is also expected to urge action from the private sector.

“My view is that cities are shared systems. [They’re] shared between government, business, investors, institutions and, most crucially, citizens,” he said.

“When government does its job well, it plans for the future. It invests in infrastructure and it creates the right framework and incentives for all of the other players to play their role. But, if we wait for government to do everything – to do the whole process of urban revilatisation, we can wait for a very long time. We can miss very crucial opportunities, and we can end up with citizens who are dissatisfied and don’t want to live in or enjoy the city.”

Clark has worked with more than 300 cities, 40 national governments, and 20 multilateral institutions; and is a world-renowned expert on cities, urban innovation, investment, and the net zero transition. During his career spanning over 35 years, he has also been a senior advisor on urban investment to the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the European Investment Bank; and has chaired more than 20 internal advisory boards for cities that are reformulating their future investment strategies and long-term plans. These cities include New York, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Sydney, Auckland, Barcelona, Vienna, and Oslo.

PanJam Investment Limited’s recent contribution to the development of downtown Kingston came last July with the long-awaited launch of the ROK Hotel and Residences.

PanJam Investment Limited Chairman Stephen Facey.

PanJam Chairman Stephen Facey said: “The purpose of the lecture is to continue a critical conversation about the restoration of our major cities so that we can become a resilient and modern society. To achieve this, the private sector will have to play their role in accelerating the development of our cities, especially in areas where public finance is deficient.”

Since the inaugural staging in 2019, with previous speaker Dr Pedro Ortiz discussing metropolitan planning, there have been several other redevelopment efforts in downtown Kingston. These include a major push for the redevelopment of the old market district and the buildout of commercial and residential real estate; the development of a vibrant art district by the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce and Kingston Creative; the completion of the ‘Port Royal Street Coastal Revetment Project’; and efforts from the GraceKennedy Foundation and Clean Harbours Jamaica with tackling waste disposal problems and keeping the Kingston Harbour clean.


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