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Ways to conserve water in a drought

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Water conservation is crucial in a drought and should be practiced to ensure that the sustainability of human and wildlife. As such, here are a few ways you can conserve water during a drought.

For the months of June to November, the Caribbean experiences periods of heavy rainfall and hurricanes. But when those five months are over, the region enters a dry season from December to March, where there are low levels of rainfall resulting in a drought.

Jamaica is currently experiencing a drought that has prompted the National Water Commission (NWC) to begin restricting water supply to sections of Kingston and St Andrew. According to the NWC, there is a continuous decline of water at two of its major storage facilities and the restrictions are being put in place to preserve water supply to the two parishes.

Since water is essential to human and animal life, citizens are often asked to reduce their water usage through various daily practices. Here are 5 ways you can conserve water.

1. Fix leaks

When a pipe or a faucet is defective, this can result in small drops of water trickling from the source throughout the day. Though these droplets are small, when accumulated overtime a large amount of water can be wasted.

As such, repairing leaking pipes, faucets and toilets is one way to save a significant amount of water.

2. Collect rain water

During a drought, rainfall is either minimal or non-existent. But whenever there is rainfall, collecting and storing the water for use is one way to conserve.

Instead of relying on the water in your pipes, you will now have an additional source of water that you can use for various daily activities. This will also reduce the amount of water that you take from local water supply companies.

The water can be collected in barrels, pans or tanks and used to water plants and lawns during a drought.

3. Reduce plant watering

If you are a plant lover, then chances are you water your plants more than once a day so that they can maintain their vibrant appearance.

To help conserve water during a drought, consider reducing the amount of times that you water your plants.

Watering plants during the hottest part of the day can also cause water to evaporate quickly, so consider watering during the early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler can help conserve water.

4. Reduce shower time

A shower is typically taken twice, to mark the beginning and end of a day and are important for maintaining hygiene.

But if you are someone who takes 30-minute showers, you may want to consider cutting your shower time in half or by 10 minutes to help preserve water.

Low-flow showerheads can also help conserve water without sacrificing water pressure.

5. Install a dual-flush toilet

Dual-flush toilets allow you to choose between a half-flush for liquid waste and a full-flush for solid waste, saving a significant amount of water per flush.

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