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ARE | Dec 4, 2023

What to watch at COP28 on Tuesday

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People walk at Dubai’s Expo City during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 4, 2023. REUTERS/Thaier Al-Sudani

DUBAI (Reuters): After a day of finance pledging on Monday, the COP28 on Tuesday turns to energy and fossil fuels – the key point of tension in this year’s U.N. climate summit.

As country negotiators continue grappling with whether the summit’s final document should include a pledge for countries to phase down fossil fuel use – a key demand by climate-vulnerable countries – the UAE will host a meeting of energy ministers to discuss the development of hydrogen fuels.

A scientific report on emissions trends in 2023 is expected to be released, showing whether the world has made any progress this year in reducing its output of greenhouse gases.

COP28 saw a bit of drama on Monday, as the conference president – Sultan Al-Jaber of the United Arab Emirates – rejected allegations that he did not respect climate science.

The COP28 conference has seen a record 86,000 participants registered, prompting some to cheer for the increasing global engagement in climate talks, while others worried the crowds and glitzy fanfare were distracting from the goal of limiting or ending climate change.



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