TT | May 10, 2022

‘Where is Kymani?’: Massive search resumes for missing Trinidadian child

Gavin Riley

Gavin Riley / Our Today

A member of the Hunters Search and Rescue Team on site at the Guapo River in Techier Village, Point Fortin as efforts to locate missing Trinidadian child Kymani Francis resume on Tuesday, May 10, 2022. (Photo: Facebook @HuntersSearchandRescueTeam)

Now into its second day, a massive dragnet of divers, police and other personnel resume their search for missing two-year-old Trinidadian child Kymani Francis.

According to local reports, little Kymani waddled out of his Techier Village, Point Fortin home without his mother realising his absence around 10:00 am on Monday (May 9). Trinidadian media further indicated that the two-year-old, affectionately called ‘Mannie’ by residents, was seen by a neighbour walking a street barefooted in his diaper.

The police were alerted and, on their visit to Francis’ mother, Kimberly Charles, notified her of the missing child.

Missing Trinidadian child, Kymani Francis. (Photo contributed)

Residents sprang into action to search for Francis, with non-profit organisation Hunters Search and Rescue Team among those heavily invested in the missing case.

As they head into the second day of actively scouring rivers and other wetlands in the southeastern coastal town, no breakthroughs have been made.

At 5:15 am local time on Tuesday, roughly 19 hours after Kymani was first reported missing, a worn and tired Hunters Search and Rescue Team kicked into high gear again after resting briefly at the Techier Community Centre.


Members of Hunters Search and Rescue team scouring through wetlands in Point Fortin to locate Kymani Francis at 2:33 am (Trinidad time) on Tuesday, May 10, 2022. (Video: Facebook @HuntersSearchandRescueTeam)

“It’s 5.15am as we get ready to resume the search for Kymani Francis. We wish to thank Member of Parliament for Point Fortin Kennedy Richards Jr. and Councillor for Techier/Guapo Lyndon Harris for making the Techier Community Centre available to Hunters Search and Rescue Team members to refresh ourselves. Some members were able to get just about one hour sleep. Breakfast is currently being prepared. GOD is GREAT,” the group posted to Facebook this morning.

The disappearance of Kymani Francis has captivated the twin-island republic, with many Trinbagonian citizens expressing their dismay as the search efforts show little progress.


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