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Who are the Top 10 social media influencers in Jamaica?

Tamoy Ashman

Tamoy Ashman / Our Today


On days when we are in need of laughter, we often turn to our favourite social media personalities for comedic relief.

Influencers have become our saving grace, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. When the world was quiet and everyone isolated, the comment sections under YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok videos became a place to converge and connect.

Jamaican content creators have edged their place in our hearts and continue to spread joy and positivity islandwide.

Though we cannot name them all, here are 10 popular social media influencers that Jamaicans know and love

Rohan ‘Quite’ Perry

Rohan ‘Quite’ Perry is a man of many names. To some he is known as Uncle P, Quite Perry or Perry, but for older supporters, you may know him as Patricia.

In the early years of his career, you would have see him in the infamous Patricia wig and night gown that gave rise to the popular saying ‘ Up! Up!’. But now he has rebranded to deliver lifestyle content via his social media platforms.

However, that does not stop him from giving us popular slang terms. The ‘you cah trick me!’ influencer is also known for his comedic outbursts and facial expressions that continue to enter the meme world. As he traverses the social media world, he leads the way for many upcoming influencers, sharing their content and collaborating with them.

Most recently, he was a recipient of the Prime Minister’s Youth Award in the category ‘New Media’.

Rushane ‘RushCam’ Campbell

Attorney turned content creator. Rushane ‘RushCam’ Campbell took a leap of faith when he left his corporate job as a lawyer to enter the undiscovered territory of content creation.

Though unsure of where this new journey would lead him, he pressed on, seeking to find a career that contributed positively to his mental health. As faith would have it, he captured the hearts of many on social media, climbing his way up the influencer ladder.

As an advocate for good mental health, he aspires to spark joy in the lives of those who view his lifestyle content, prank and challenge videos. He is also know for his impeccable fashion taste and his role as host of Jamaican reality tv show The Social House.

The Mitchells

The Mitchells are the heartbeat of Jamaica and the sugar to everybody’s tea. There is nothing sweeter than getting a glimpse into the life of international reggae and dancehall artiste Wayne Marshall, whose real name is Wayne Mitchell, and Jamaican singer Tamar ‘Tami’ Chin. The musical pair and their nanny ‘MoMo’ have raised a beautiful family of five children, along with Wayne’s younger brother Alex. Through their YouTube videos, they share their day-to-day experiences and life lessons as they tackle parenthood.

Tanaania Tracey

Tanaania entered the content creation atmosphere when she was featured in videos on RushCam and Quite Perry’s channel. The trio became widely known for their challenge and sit down videos that received rave reviews from viewers. After many requests were made, Tracey decided to create her own channel where she created lifestyle and challenge videos. Though she holds a degree in nursing, her love for content creation and social media overpowered her desire to work in the medical field. Now she is one of the most famous influencers in Jamaica, acquiring her fair share of memes and fan video edits that showcase her vibrant personality. As her influence grew, she also became a brand ambassador for popular brands Pepsi and Campari.

Kerry Ann ‘Chiney K’ Collins

Influencer Chiney K is known for her comedic skits and mini vlogs on social media where she shares her day-to-day life. But, as a Jill of all Trades, she wears the hats.

Collins is also known for her appearance as radio and TV host for local radio station Fyah 105FM.

Her signature curly hair caught the attention of many who sought to have the same luscious curls.

Consequently, she started her company, Joli Faire, where she sells her hair growth oil. Collins also wears the hat of social media marketer.

As her presence in the entertainment industry grew, her TikTok video on Netflix original Squid Games caught the attention of producers who invited her to be a part of the series marketing team.

Keticia ‘TC’ Chatman

Like many other influencers on this list, the appeal of social media saw TC making a switch in her career.

She was originally part of the trio dance team with Rebel and Pretty Pretty that performed alongside dancehall artiste Spice. She however made the switch to social media when the team’s relationship with Spice was severed in 2020.

After this incident she started to create more content on social media platforms, particularly skits and challenge videos with popular influencers. She has now made a name for herself in the industry and is one of the original ‘Dollies’ in Jamaica.

In 2021, she made her appearance on the Social House and has since been contacted by several brands for partnerships.

Shanice ‘Shanzi’ Allen

Shanice Allen is a fashion influencer whose looks were deemed award worthy in 2017 when she was awarded the Female Fashion Icon at the Youth View Awards.

Like many of her peers, the 25 year old has a bachelors degree but changed course to pursue her dreams of being a content creator.

Currently, she shares a YouTube channel with her fiance Nino who is widely known in the entertainment industry for local events such as Sandz and Dream Weekend. The pair are a part of the team of promoters for both events that attract thousands each year.

Shanzi is also one of the most followed Jamaican influencers on Instagram with over 800,000 followers and the brand ambassador for Goddess detox, a female hygiene brand.

Sue-Ann ‘Petite-Sue’ Gordon-Pitter

The phrase ‘likkle but tallawah’ is one that can be applied to fitness guru Petite-Sue.

The influencer is known for her intense fitness regime and healthy eating habits that she shares on her YouTube channel.

In addition, she is known for her iconic fashion taste and stellar makeup and wig application abilities. She is also very family oriented and shares her day-to-day living with her husband, mother, and sister.

Danar ‘Dan Dan’ Royal

Danar became popular in the social media scene when his video, Mi Nervous, went viral on all platforms.

Though not a full time influencer, the engineer enjoys creating content for his 243,000 followers on Instagram.

He is also famously know for his popular saying and song Bruk Gyal Bruk My Vybz that continues to be used to this day. But, who could forget his hysterical commentary on the Olympics that caught the attention of persons in the international space. Now he continues to produce skits and comedic commentary on popular topics while sharing his day-to-day life.

Aamir ‘Bwoizy’ Cunningham

Bwoizy is a content creator on TikTok known for his witty sense of humour. His career took off during the pandemic when his series, A Jamaican Love Story, went viral on the video creation app.

The viral video featured a complex relationship between bun, bulla, cheese, pear and butter. The mini drama series gained the attention of local brand Tastee Cheese and Bwoizy was offered a brand deal that has made his career take off.


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